Eric's Show Journal - posted on December 9, 1994 by

Show Journal 1994-12-09

(Added Oct. 2001) – I always thought Smartbomb kicked ass and I was so impressed they asked us to play. I don’t remember much other than it being really cold outside.

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Show Journal 1994-11-18

(Added Oct. 2001) – This was a real messed up night. We ended up having to bring the PA which took 3 cars to accomplish. The show was at an all-ages teen club. If I recall only 4 kids came out. 2 were a pair of 14 year olds that kept hitting on our friend Tim and at one point flashed him. Yuck. I recall the stage being on 4 very tall ‘blocks’ of different heights. Very 70’s looking. It’s weird playing with band members above and below you. I vividly recall Dave observing the disco ball and announcing that “Hoss refuses to play until the disco light spins”. We were amused but I can’t imagine anyone else was. The agitated door person slowly wandered off to make the lights go so Dave would shut up. The lights made me sick and I thought I was going to fall off the 8 foot high “block.” I do remember being impressed with Load. They were from Miami and had played with L7 at one time. We thought they were the shit because they were on tour. Another fond memory was the drive … downtown Bristol has a huge light up sign which reads ‘Bristol’ in 50 foot letters. We were driving under and Bryan rolls down his window (remember we are in 3 cars) and yells to us “are we in Bristol yet?” That’s why we love Bryan.

Eric's Show Journal - posted on November 9, 1994 by

Show Journal 1994-11-09

(Added Mar. 2002) – This was a weird one. We played in the afternoon for a humanities class at ASU. Strange, strange, strange.

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Show Journal 1994-10-28

(Added Mar. 2002) – This was a cool one because it was the first time a bigger band had asked us to play out of town with them. It made us feel important. Also, it was our first out of state show!

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Show Journal 1994-10-11

(Added Mar. 2002) – What I remember most about this show is playing two Misfits covers and these two big dudes that I had never seen before came up, took the mic and sang it for us. Those dudes ended up being Kevin Freeman (of the Karloffs) and Rob (a.k.a. – Rob The Stalker) who both later became good friends of ours. Our payment for this show wasn’t cash but a $75 beer tab which Bryan and his friends almost single handedly consumed.

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Show Journal 1994-10-07

(Added Mar. 2002) – This show was crazy. We got to Asheville late and were told we only had 15 minutes to play. It was the first time I played while I was pissed off and it was the greatest thing in the world. We all played hard and fast and there really is nothing quite like it.

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Show Journal 1994-10-05

(Added Oct. 2001) – I am writing this 7 years after the original show and currently this show is still the most money we have ever made at a show. We ended up making $475! I remember it distinctly because I thought to myself “we can make a living from this.” As I write this in 2001 our last show after paying for gas we grossed $11. Ahhh the good old days. (*** Update Oct 2004 – We finally eclipsed the $475 mark when we got a $500 guarantee to play a show for Camel cigarettes. This is definitive proof that the only way to make money in music is to sell out ***)

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Show Journal 1994-09-23

(Added Oct. 2001) – This was our first “headlining” show. We thought we were so badass because of it and we treated the crowd to a set consisting of 23 songs!!! Oh, the pain they must have endured! 23 songs! We usually only play 12 or 13 on a good night now. We used to have some 4 and 5 minute songs back then too. I can’t believe anyone came to see us again after that.

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Show Journal 1994-08-27

(Added Oct. 2001) – This was our third show and ended up being our biggest show for about the next 4 years. It was some big outdoor festival thing in a big open air amphitheater. I remember it being really fun to play. It was a who’s who of Boone bands at the time and I remember feeling flattered to be a part of it. I also remember not knowing how to work the Marshall half stack I borrowed. Interestingly enough the sound guy at this show ended up recording out first album!

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Show Journal 1994-08-25

(Added Oct. 2001) – This was our first real club show and looking back I think it was honestly one of the best nights of my life. The club was packed, all our friends were there, all the local bands were there, it was a perfect late summer evening and we totally rocked. I think we surprised everyone that night, perhaps even ourselves. I don’t think we’ve even gotten a crowd reaction quite like we did that night. It was perfect in every way. When I think of Boone and “the good old days” I always think of that show.