Eric's Show Journal - posted on November 11, 1995 by

Show Journal 1995-11-11

(Added Mar. 2002) – Ewww. This show was bad. I remember I was honestly embarrassed of our band at this show. I thought for sure it would never last after this humbling performance. The “crowd” literally sat on the floor while we played.

Eric's Show Journal - posted on November 9, 1995 by

Show Journal 1995-11-09

(Added Mar. 2002) – This show sucked because we drove 6 hours there and it had been cancelled! Our friends in Face First drove from Chapel Hill to discover the same thing. This experience is when we learned to always call ahead to confirm shows. Face First went home but we were determined to play so our friends in Railroad Earth literally took us from bar to bar in town trying to get us a show. When we finally found a venue we called a local radio station and told our sob story on the air in an effort to get more people to the show. We ended up playing at midnight literally for a jar of tips. The picture on the inside of Swank came from this show.

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Show Journal 1995-10-14

(Added Oct. 2001) – Damage Done were know by us as “The Metal Guys”. They practiced next door to us and we instantly became good friends with them. They were all the nicest bunch of guys and we actually wrote a song about them. And good lord, they were so f-ing metal. They all had full stack amps, a PA larger than most clubs own and a full double bass drum kit. They would literally shake the walls in our space. Those were the days.

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Show Journal 1995-10-07

(Added Oct. 2001) – We actually didn’t play this show. We were supposed to but Bryan wiped out on his mountain bike and went head first into a tow truck! He cracked some of his vertebrae and was unable to play. We all still attended and gave the Pink Collar Jobs the honor of taking our place. I do recall really being impressed with Otis Reem. I wonder what happened to those guys?

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Show Journal 1995-09-18

(Added Mar. 2002) – When we played this show Lustre had just gotten signed to A&M Records and we were shocked because there were like 10 people in the crowd. They did put out a good album (which I still own) but their biggest claim to fame was when they eventually got on the soundtrack for the movie Empire Records. I always thought they were a cool band. Oddly enough their drummer was the brother of the singer for Antiseen.

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Show Journal 1995-09-09

(Added Oct. 2001) – God I used to love Antiseen. If you lived in N.C. and you liked punk then you like Antiseen. I remember before this show Jeff Clayton (the very tough, frequently bloody and heavily tattooed singer for Antiseen) called over to Dave’s apartment to confirm the show. Dave’s roommate Matt (also a huge Antiseen fan) answered the phone and came in the living to announces “Dave, Jeff Clayton is on the phone for you!” We were all so excited about that and started shouting! I remember those guys were surprisingly nice when we finally met them and my god they rocked live. After that show Dave announced there was a party at Lee and Paul’s house. Antiseen and all their biker friends showed up to the house to kick it! I bailed early from the party but the next morning I drove by and there were Harley’s in the front yard and a few bikers passed out on the couch. Crazy evening.

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Show Journal 1995-08-30

(Added Mar. 2002) – I remember this being a cool show because we felt like a real band. Real club, real sound system, real fans who didn’t know us. I also recall playing near the door and being distracted as all of RRE’s female fans kept passing by us while we played.

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Show Journal 1995-05-09

(Added Oct. 2001) – This was a wild night … one of the best nights we ever had. The first two bands were skinhead bands … complete with SS and Swastika tattoos. I remember being really scared for the first time that night. The reason is because they were all tough as nails and we came out all college-alterna-punk looking. Thank god we actually played kinda fast because they ended up loving us. At one point this drunk fat girl got on stage and started yapping into the microphone. The skins yelled at her and flipped her off. Bryan decided to start the song while she was talking. He clicked off 1-2-3-4 and when it kicked in Dave ran full force into the girl and knocked her off the stage! Our first taste of anarchy! If I recall there was a fight between the girl’s boyfriend and the skinheads outside. Another funny thing about that night was Boot Party … they had a song called ‘Dirty Whore’. To this day Dave and I will still both recite the phrase “This song’s about your mother … it’s called Dirty Whore”. Cracks me up still.

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Show Journal 1995-05-05

(Added Oct. 2001) – I remember expecting this to be a huge show and being disappointed with the turnout. I also remember it being cold. Why do I always remember the cold shows? I think this is also the night we smashed out Bryan’s back window with a bass amp.

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Show Journal 1995-04-29

(Added Mar. 2002) – Man this show sucked. We literally played to just the other bands and the sound guy. Eventually people came to the show but that was long after we played. I recall being very disappointed with the whole show.