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Show Journal 2010-04-24

The show was short and sweet with two good bands opening up and a decent sized crowd of many familiar faces. As much as I enjoy getting to play on a big stage with bright lights and massive sound systems, a cramped and poorly ventilated garage is just as much, if not more fun. Unfortunately I missed Bad River, but Dave reports they were very good. I did witness Almost Is Nothing, and I must admit they were pretty awesome. They were very metal and I would dare say their lead guitar player was one of the better guitar players I think I’ve ever seen. Very cool stuff, especially at a range of 10 ft. At a normal show we would have been a pretty mismatched bill, but in the tiny garage it was all good. Before we knew it we were up and played a short and sweet set. No noise violations and no one stepped on Justin crippled foot. The only downer was loading out through the mine field of urine, vomit and feces. At least two of those materials were out there, but we aren’t sure which. Another secret best left in the tall grass beyond Thunderdome. All in all it was a pretty good night. Thanks Joel!

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Northbound and down

This weekend we’ve got shows in Longview and Seattle. If you live on the northern I-5 corridor stop by and say hello.

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Show Journal 2010-04-16

I feel like it’s been forever since we’ve played a show. We’ve certainly gone longer without playing a live (usually when a drummer spontaneously combusts) but this gap between shows felt like an eternity. During the past three months Dave was out of the country for nearly a month, Dustin has been playing shows with his other band, Justin has been back in school and I wound up getting married. With distractions and excuses like those not only will we maintain our title of “world’s most boring band” but we may have raised the bar, particularly in the domestication category. Additionally, in the weeks leading up to the show we had spotted a few “those guys are still around?” messages online. Yes, yes we are. We used to strive to be the best we can as a band. Now we are just trying to outlast the others. Anyway, given the slow lead up to the show and the lack of hype I expected to play poorly to an empty room. At about 9:00 it was looking very possible. Thankfully some folks started rolling in and life was good. It was cool hanging out and getting to play again. The Stims cancelled due to a double booking, so we got to see 48 Thrills first. They joke they turn down shows to play with us. The funny thing is we do the same because they are always fun to watch. Another solid set from those guys. The Them from Seattle was the reason we were here and also the reason we took this show. They had a pretty good mix of styles. It was sort of like the Misfits meets the Dwarves but with a slightly less serious stage presence. They were fun to watch and I’m glad to be playing with them again next week on their home turf. We were up last and nothing too particularly exciting happened. Good show, good people and a good night. Thanks to all who attended and also to The Them for asking us to play.

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After what felt like forever, Requiem is finally on Pandora. Speaking of internet activity, have you looked us up on Facebook yet? Become a fan. It’ll make you feel good.

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Again? Really?

Justin with another leg injury? Can someone hook the man up with some prosthetics?

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Finally, some shows

At long last we’ve finally added two shows with The Them in April. Also, we got links to these two videos that we wanted to share that feature our tunes. The first is desert motorcycle riding and the second is some backcountry ski/snowboard/snowmobile action. Pretty cool. Thanks Tim!

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Show Journal 2010-01-09

All I knew about this shows when it got booked is that it was with Toxic Zombie. Later when I went to check out the flyer you can imagine my surprise when I saw we were booked with a sideshow act featuring The Enigma and Serna Rose. The last time I saw The Enigma was during the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow but at a Lollapalooza which was before the band had even started. The venue was pretty nuts as it was a giant movie theater with a balcony. I caught the tail end of the first band and got to watch most of the Toxic Zombie set. In typical Longview fashion things just ran slower and slower as the night progressed and it was almost 11:30 by the time the Show Devils began to setup. Their sideshow was pretty interesting. Highlights included a condom being passed from nose to mouth and then mouth to nose, a drill going into a nose, sword swallowing, blindfolded chainsaw use and even a stomach pumping of sorts. Pretty crazy. We finally setup around 12:45 and literally had to endure 10 minutes of microphone troubleshooting. When you are on stage with no working microphones every minutes feels like five. We finally started at 1:00 on the dot. Did I mention this was an all ages show? Yeah, awesome. We played pretty well and despite the sound problems on such a wide stage it was actually pretty damn fun to play. We loaded out, a few of us took turns on “the party bus” and then we headed out. A serious thank you to anyone who hung out that late to watch the show.

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Raise up and get your circus on

So the show in Kelso next week got a lot more interesting. Aside from it being a pretty solid punk show it’s also featuring The Enigma (of Jim Rose and X-Files fame) and other circus sideshow antics and performers that could quite possibly make someone pass out. Do check it out if you are in the area.


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Ten in twenty ten

Happy new year!

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Great success!

Thanks to all who attended The Misfits show, including the folks who have been with us for years as well as those who may have never heard of us until last night. With that show in the bag we are going to lay low for the rest of the year and hopefully get started on adding some shows in 2010.