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That’s how we roll

A new song from the new album has been posted on our Myspace page. It’s called ‘Death Race 2000’ and it’s about the classic movie of the same name, not that new crap one currently in theaters. How can you not enjoy a movie where you score points for running people over?

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The new album release date is…

… October 14th!!! Stay tuned for a special MySpace only pre-sale in late September.


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Crippled again

I think our legacy towards being the most accident prone band ever is becoming a reality. Justin is currently crutch bound and was informed he is going to have to undergo knee surgery to remove a “foreign object”. He can’t extend or bend his knee which pretty much sucks. Needless to say, no more shows for a bit, including the one with Viva Hate. It’s sort of ironic that the healthiest member of the band is always the one who breaks. Anyway, time to stock up on vitamins and milk before we break anything else.

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Show Journal 2008-07-31

I had no idea what to expect the crowd tonight to be like. On one hand Wednesday 13 is a kind of punk-ish band with songs about zombies and b-movies. On the other hand they are ex-Murderdolls and their album is pretty metal. The answer was just about every type of music person. Goth, metalhead, punk, and just curious “regular” music fans were all in abundance. True to form we arrived annoyingly late and had to load straight up the 5 foot high stage. Ouch. Regiment 26 was up first and was super metal. We watched the headbanging and circle pits and knew we had our work cut out for us. Our solution was humor. We got on stage, sound checked and just before we started to play Dave says in his monster truck announcer voice “Do you all want to hear some crazy fucking metal?” Crowd: “Yeahhh!” Dave: “Ok, give us like 25 minutes and then they’ll be another metal band later.” Too funny. Our set seemed pretty solid. Not really our typical audience but no one seemed to dislike it too much. We played lots of new songs so again it was extra fun for us. Still Dead was up 3rd and played a very eclectic and energetic blend of metal and rock. Pretty good stuff and the guys we met seemed super cool. Wednesday 13 was the main event and I gotta admit they were pretty great live. Their sound was amazing, the songs were catchy and they even quoted Ric Flair within 5 minutes of starting their set. We were all seriously impressed. Thanks to Endeavor Productions and Rock N Roll Pizza for having us.

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Show Journal 2008-07-26

Ok, so that was a fun show. Two killer bands, lots of friends and most importantly for me is we finally got to play a batch of new songs. Nine of them in fact. Man, it felt good to finally bust out some more new material. Playing old songs is fun, but playing these new songs that we’re so stoked on is a feeling that’s a bit hard to describe. Accidental Gun Death was pretty great tonight. It was their usual blend of amusing stage banter coupled with raw aggression delivered in 30-90 second bursts. I think their whole set took less than 15 minutes. The risk of on stage defecation added to the excitement, but thankfully there was none. As mentioned previously our set was pretty fun. It was hard to move around on such a small stage but it didn’t really matter too much. The Crawlers were up last. We had heard great things about them and the descriptions were dead on. They totally rocked. I only watched the first few songs from the main room, but listened to most of their set from the bar while catching up with some friends and holy smokes those dudes can rock it. Fast, aggressive, and just totally raw. I would gladly play with either of these two bands again. What else can I say? It was a good night. Thanks to Kelly’s, AGD and The Crawlers.

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Live in Portland? Want to hear new songs?

This Saturday we’re playing at Kelly’s Olympian w/ Accidental Gun Death and The Crawlers. We’re going to be playing a few songs from our upcoming album live for the very first time. Could be magic. Could be awful. Either way if you are of age check it out. Even if we crash and burn, the other bands are fantastic and can pick up the slack. The second show of note is on the 31st at Rock N Roll Pizza w/ Wednesday 13, Still Dead and Regiment 26. In our half-ass attempt at borderline bribery we’re making CD-R’s with some new songs from the upcoming album on it. First 50 people who ask for the disc will get one. Come to a show, get free music that literally no-one outside of the band has ever heard before and will hear for about 2 more months. The last Wed 13 show in Portland sold out, so get your advance tickets at TicketsWest.

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Damn, now that’s a commitment

I think we’re done with zombie makeup because this guy puts everyone to shame!

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Drop a few, gain a few, it’s all good

Despite our two cancellations last week we just added two pretty cool shows in July and August. The first is in Portland on July 31 w/ Wednesday 13. If you aren’t familiar with Wed. 13 it’s part of the Murderdolls doing punk style tunes with a B-movie flair. Word on the streets is that their shows are pretty awesome. In fact their last Portland show sold out which seems to be rare these days. The August show we added is in Salem w/ Viva Hate, which contains members of Tiger Army and Swingin’ Utters. Should be some good summer fun so check them out if you can. Lastly, if you know Dave send him an e-mail or MySpace message. He’s stuck in the Philippines for a month and we can only imagine he’s bored to tears. Last time there he saw a guy get shot. Thug life.

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One more strike and we’re out

Sadly we have to cancel our upcoming Roseburg and Astoria shows. What really sucks is that both of these shows were reschedules from last year and now we have to “re-cancel” them. For those of you who might have discovered us recently this whole cancelling thing is actually kind of new to us. In our first 13 years as a band we had a total of three cancellations. In the past three weeks we’ve doubled that number. Awesome. Apologies to the promoters, other bands and people who might have wanted to see us. I’d say we’ll be back soon but I can’t imagine a 2nd shot to redeem ourselves will come too quickly.

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Show Journal 2008-06-20

Tonight’s show was sort of a whirlwind. Since our van is still DOA Justin and I had to drive out to Dave’s house to load up his truck. I don’t know why but I always feel so amateur loading out of a pick up truck. Might as well be mom’s station wagon. At some point on the trip Justin uttered what I found to be the funniest thing I’ve heard all week. The discussion leading up to this is a bit too long to describe, but at some point Justin said the following: “I think Pele died of cancer. Or did he got shot? Wait, was that Bob Marley? I don’t know, I always get Pele and Bob Marley mixed up.” I literally had to write that one down so I could remember to mention it here. Justin, I’m sorry. Everyone else, you’re welcome. It took forever to get to the venue and when we arrived we were informed we were not only first but furthermore we were supposed to start 15 minutes ago. Oops. We setup fast and were playing within 15 minutes. Despite the quick turnaround the set was pretty fun. We tried a bunch of new songs for the first time ever, so if you were at the show consider yourself lucky to have seen 6 song debuts. It’s always fun to play new stuff and they all went pretty well. 3 Inch Max was next and I gotta say they were pretty awesome. Very catchy, very tight and very loud. We were all impressed. Since Neversleep cancelled The Altarboys were up last and they through us all for a curve by playing acoustic. It was pretty stripped down and raw and for the most part pretty entertaining. It was a little strange because when I think of them, I imagine rock, but all in all given the laid back feel of the night it was pretty cool. Thanks to all who arrived early and were nice enough to stand up front.