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Surgery update and CD release show

After what has felt like the longest three months ever Justin finally has his knee surgery scheduled for this Tuesday. Despite the fact that he will be drugged up and has been advised for avoid physical activity for a week the CD release show will go on. If you live in Portland and are over 21 you better have a damn good excuse for not going. Just because you have to work early is no longer a good excuse. Justin is having things removed from his knee and is still going to rock for you. If you are on the fence, at least check out one of our most favorite bands ever, The Independents. They are from South Carolina and also have a new album out. Speaking of which? Did you buy our new album yet? Stop what you are doing and do so now. Shows are better when you know all the words.

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Show Journal 2008-10-31

Halloween. We have a long history of dressing up for Halloween. Zombies, skeletons, bloody priests and other bloody delights. This year we figured we’d throw everyone a curve ball and dress as the Blue Man Group. We all had solid black outfits, appropriate bald caps, spirit gum and gobs and gobs of blue makeup. We were stoked because it was 1) totally unexpected for us and 2) should be pretty amusing. On the ride up we meticulously trimmed our bald caps (except for Dave of course who has been prepared for this moment for a few years) and formulated a plan on how and when to complete the transformation upon arrival. We arrived to the club, walked in the door and guess what the drummer for the first band is dressed as? An f-ing blue man. Seriously. Our hearts sank. No bald caps, no blue makeup, no “blukkake” jokes and a waste of $50. The guy was nice enough but he single handedly sank our big plan and we chose to resort to plan B which was to predictably just douse ourselves in fake blood. I guess we could have gone through with it, but we didn’t want to be those guys who were second on stage to be blue. The show itself was pretty solid. Aside from being a Halloween show it was also the wedding reception for our friends Jay and Jolene who were nice enough to invite us to play. Honestly we didn’t see a whole lot of the first few bands as we had a congratulatory bombshell dropped on us by Kevin and Sam who revealed that their decision to dress as Bleeker and Juno had a special meaning behind it! Our long time friend and old drummer Bryan made it out as well as well as Chris, Al, Todd and a few others. Another highlight of the evening was playing “I’ll give up a dollar if you stand in the bathroom for 30 seconds”. Everyone failed. Some things at that club never change. We went on pretty late and after three months off it was nice to play again. Real nice. In fact I’d go so far as to say this was one of the best shows we’ve ever played in the past year or two. If you were in attendance you may or may not agree with that assessment but with all the drama of the last few months, including finishing up the CD artwork, production, van problems, the show cancellations, Justin’s knee problems and the late nights of practice this show felt extra good for us. We opened with a cover of ‘Halloween’ and kept it to a full set of monster songs which we can now finally do. We thought we got everyone moving but were quickly shown up by The Schmidfits who treated everyone to a full set of Misfits covers plus a few extras. I was a little bummed they opened with ‘Halloween’ but they quickly redeemed themselves by played some of the faster Misfits songs off of Earth A.D. Very cool set. Anyway, if you need to be thanked for this evening pat yourself on the back. Congrats to Jay and Jolene as well as Kevin and Sam!

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Radio, radio, radio

The word on the streets is that one of our new songs may get played on Viva La Luna this weekend. The show is on KUFO (101.1) and airs on Sunday nights at 9:00 PM (PST). There is also an internet stram available at

Also, a cool internet radio station called Punk and Beans Radio now has our CD and may play it as well. Even if they aren’t playing us it’s good stuff. Do check them out.

Lastly, one of Justin’s dog’s is named Radio. Since we’re talking radio we figured that was worth some props.

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Reasons to buy our new album

If you are still on the fence about whether or not you want to buy our new album, here are a few compelling reasons why you should consider buying a copy: 1) We recorded on an actual reel to reel tape machine. This is a dying art form and should be supported at all costs. 2) With this purchase you will be supporting independent music and independents labels. Independent music is what keeps us from having to listen to the crap on the radio. 3) We haven’t had an album in 4 years. During that time you may have stopped listening to punk, but that means it’s ripe for a comeback. 4) With 18 songs you are bound to like at least one of them. 5) If you do hate the music, we’re pretty sure you’ll dig the artwork. 6) We paid for all the recording ourselves. Every CD sold truly helps out get out of debt. 7) There is a song where Dave actually references french toast. 8) Haven’t we ever gotten you in on our guest list or give you free stuff? Time to pay up! You can get it online at a number of places (Interpunk, Amazon, iTunes) but if you have a PayPal account your best bet is to order directly from us for $10. In PayPal just send the money to We pack and ship ’em ourselves. There is also a very good chance you’ll get some stickers along with the purchase.

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Album Review from Take 92

800 Octane is retarded. At least, that’s the way you feel about them by the end of the record. They get you all sentimental and sad when you hear “Gather and bow your heads / Say a prayer for the dead,” but you’re laughing at them 30 seconds later. Come to think of it, it’s almost more like a rape. I mean how can this band that I know sound so convincing after all these years? It can’t be some fancy production because you’re not reading my name in the linear notes! It’s the same team that brought you “The Return” and “Rise Again.” Come to think of it, what’s with all the alliteration? Was this planned? Back to the point: For those that don’t know any better, 800 Octane sounds like a well-oiled machine. This is not to say that they aren’t at the top of their game. I mean, the band has never sounded so raw and full of energy in the seven years that I’ve known them. But they actually convince you that there was some preparation involved. This record feels like a live band. That’s not easy to do. Though I was disappointed at the loss of a few great melodies (T-Minus, Great Below), there were also some great surprises. For those that don’t know, I recorded a lot of these songs a year or two ago when they were very new. I didn’t expect that so much of that material would resurface here. The “Guttermouth Song” (Dead End Road) was my biggest surprise, follwed by “Foo Fighters,” which became “Requiem.” The boys are determined to give this thing a proper goodbye and I couldn’t have said it better myself. [And for the record, I haven’t heard the word “pants” so many times in a row since “Live Fast, Diarrhea.”]

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Requiem is available now!

Today is the day that our 5th album Requiem is officially released. For those who participated in the Interpunk pre-sale we hope you dig the posters and buttons. For those who have not purchased the album here are some ways to get it:

Online – The album is available at a variety of stores including Interpunk, Amazon, iTunes and many more. Do a search and you’ll find about a dozen sources.

Local – If you prefer to shop locally, you can ask your favorite record store to order it. If they can’t get it, tell them it’s available from Nail Distribution.

Direct from Us – If you have a PayPal account you can order the CD directly from us for $10. Just log into PayPal, choose ‘Send Money’ and send it to Order it this week and we’ll ship it out the following day.

It’s been a long four and a half years so thanks again for everyone’s support!

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Injury update and CD Release show news!

Justin returned from his doctor’s appointment and subsequent MRI on his knee. Turns out there are now two bone chips to be removed and surgery is likely going down in November. Despite him only being partially mobile we’ve still got two shows booked. First is a Halloween show in Seattle which should be pretty crazy. The second show is our CD Release show w/ The Independents at the Ash Street on Nov 7th. It’s a Friday and it should rule the school. Both are 21+ shows. We are hopeful that the intoxication with keep people from noticing Justin’s limited movement. In fact, it may even enhance it. If you’ve been too lazy to pre-order your CD, you can buy them from us at either show. Speaking of pre-order if you order the cd right now (like this week) from you’ll get a free signed poster and a limited edition button.


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Pre-Order Requiem and get free stuff!

Our latest CD is now available for pre-order from If you pre-order it you’ll get a signed poster, a cool new button design and more importantly you’ll be one the very first people to get a copy. Only the first 100 orders get the freebies so act now.

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Two new songs on MySpace

Two more songs from the album have been posted on MySpace. The first is called ‘Dial Tone’ and has very little to do with phone service. The second is called ‘The Survival Guide’, which offers step by step instructions on how to survive the upcoming zombie holocaust. Album pre-order info coming in the next 2-3 days!

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Smash It Up!

We’re on a new compilation CD on Mother Box Records. The disc is pretty great and features 14 bands each doing 2 songs that are loosely based on cars. Do check it out!