Unreleased Songs


Beachhead (2004)

We should storm the beachhead now . We’ve only got one day .  And the summer’s almost gone . And I won’t waste it . So we will leave today . All my friends . They all know the way . And if you leave tonight . Let the coastal lighthouse be your guide . Doesn’t seem like long ago . When I first asked you to go . Said you didn’t think you had the time . So I said ok, not today . We can go separate ways . Dreaming of the day . When I used to call you mine all mine . I walked on the beach till the sun went down . Seemed strange that you weren’t around . Made me feel so far from home . Laying underneath the moon . And the stars that shone . Thinking I am all alone . Don’t think I’ve ever been so down . I’m not 23 . Or the guy I used to be . I’ve got my scars of age . I’m wearing on my sleeve . And there is only one day . Till this rain that never ends . Want to spend it . With my friends . What happened to baby jane? . Now that summer is gone.  Strange how certain people change . Like the night turns to dawn . And when I look back . At my heart . I used to see a fire . But it went dark . Now I see a spark.


Berserker (1999)

My love for you is ticking clock.  Would you like to make some fuck?  Would you like to suck my cock?  Berserker.


Change (1994)

looking down to the street below.  pushed me farther than i want to go.   my steel heart has begun to rust.  things i touch they just turn to dust.   out of the bottle and in my head.  drink so much that i should be dead.   there’s a fire and it burns inside.  you can run but you cannot hide.   girl i know you don’t want to try.  every time that you speak you lie.   not listening to you anymore.  heard all of this shit before.  can’t lift this weight that holds me down.  can’t seem to escape this town.  where i go you are always there.  you still love me but i don’t care.  think you’re cool and you think it’s fine to be the last one in your line.  now i know that you won’t be mine.  now i know that it’s the time for a change.  change of mind.  change of view.  change to someone else but you.  so don’t look at me hey baby now.   so sick of being pushed around.  i know that i could bring you down if i could get my head off the ground.  cause i was once just an empty shell.  but i escaped from the flames of hell.  for some reason keep on jumping back.  my heart is about to crack.  can’t seem just to make it end.  can’t seem just to find a friend.  i’ve been hurt too many times to count.  and i know that the odds are beginning to mount against me.  you against me.  them against me.   all against me.  and it’s killing me.


Energize (1996)

well i’ve been feeling so lazy that i don’t know what to do.  i’m going so stir crazy that i feel as though my life is though.  but i’m not going to do it no more.  well i’m gonna go outside.  i’m gonna get my head off the floor.   gonna get in my car and drive.  i’ve got to energize.  well i’ve been down for so long that i could just pass away and die.  so i’ll tell my tv so long, gotta find something new thing to try.  cause i’m not going to do it no more.   well things have got to change.  because alcohol has made me so poor that it’s time to rearrange.  never knew how good it would be to get outside.  try all the things that have not been tried.  times like this just gotta get away.  put my troubles behind and start to enjoy the day.  cause if moved any slower i’d go backwards.  if i slept anymore i’d be dead.  there’s to much blood in my alcohol system.  and the world through my eyes looks red.  and i long for decapitation.   maybe it would numb my pain.  and i though i’d lost my motivation, but then my answer came.  i’ve got to energize.


Gave Out (1996)

when they gave out, you couldn’t understand it.  when they gave out, you thought that you knew everything.  but when they came around you lived your life so willing, and when they came around you watched it all disappear from you one day.   and when they gave out you thought that you were on the top of the world.    but when they came around you took it all for granted.  now you’re left all alone and you’re stranded.  would you let me in your head?  and you were set in your ways and you’re planted.  but they turned on you instead.  and summer turns to colder winds and the blue skies turns to gray.  and you thought that you’d never see such things.  the sun burns out today.  when they gave out, the world turned around and you lost along the way.  and you watched it burning down.   echoes in the empty hallway.  burn it down to the ground.  cause everything that you ever had is gone.  and she said baby why do you want to live your life like that?  do you want to leave me?  do you want to leave me just like that?


Get In The Van (2003)

3000 miles today carving out a line across the USA 37 states another place to play.  Hail hail the gangs all here we got our friends to help unload this gear they’ve been waiting outside in the pouring rain but they won’t complain.  Driving down the road trying to make it to the show, come on there’s room inside let’s ride.  I wish you well and as far as I can tell in heaven or in hell tonight.  Been driving for 16 hours sleeping in the van taking truck stop showers I’m looking forward to the floor.  So to all the kids that put us up fed us food or bought any of our stuff we couldn’t make it without you and this ones for you.  Driving straight into the sun like convicts on the run just me and my friends out having fun.  One thing that I can say I hope it stays this way been looking forward to this all day.  Let’s go get in the van if you ain’t busy then I know you can we never have a plan we just roll.  We’re always running late getting gas with the money we made ain’t got time to wait let’s roll.


Not Forgotten (2003)

This is the story of a girl I used to know.  It must have happened three years ago.  It’s about a poor girl long forgotten since she died from an overdose still see the blood dripping from her nose.  But I tried, I tried to save her, save her life.  Her skin was cold and here eyes were white and I just sat there wondering why.  They said no one ever knew her name but I put some flowers on her grave.  She’s just a poor girl not forgotten I still see her in the back on my mind still see the tears dripping from her eyes.


Old People (2003)

Old people get off the road.  You suck, you fuck, you blow a load.  One of these days you’re gonna get hit, cause you can’t drive worth a shit.


ULS (1997)

Well if you’re heading down to Asheville you’d better watch your back. Cause there’s a man in a band, a little punk rock man, that gets the scene off track. You want to play in Chapel Hill. You’d better think again. Because their scene is so cool that they got no room for you they won’t let you in. Takes only one song and you’ll be wondering what went wrong. Looking for the logic behind it all. No one ever told me that there would be days like this. And I can’t even look, cause I was falling down. But if you’re heading up to PA I’ve got a band for you. Jason and his friends are going to help you out. They’re the Lost Cause crew. And everywhere you want to go, and where you want to play, well we’re scraping up the money to put the gas in the van but that’s ok. Cause if you wait too long, you’ll be wondering what went wrong.  Playing for no money. But that’s ok. And our van is barely running, but if it wasn’t doing that it wouldn’t be the fucking same.


Ultravixens (2008)

She-Devils on Wheels have always been my favorite fascination . I always fall for hell on heels . Russ Meyer vixens fuel my ultra-violent imagination . As they play out on movie reels . Now I’ve come to find that I’ve got one by my side . And we are rolling into town leaving a trail of death behind . You see us coming detter turn away . You don’t say anything . You don’t get in our way . She is bringing the heat . She’s a demon trailing fire down the street . Yeah she’s with me . Those sixties sirens are armed with knives and dressed in leather . They made a point of looking good . Stiletto style and miniskirts no matter what the weather . They terrify the neighborhood . Oh here she comes . She’s looking straight from Hollywood . Goddess of the screen . When you see her on the street . Do you know just what I mean? She a killer on the loose and she’s walking in jack boots . Don’t you look her in the eye unless you want to die


Waiting (1994)

well I’m waiting and waiting for you to come to me but i know as you know that will never be I’ve wanted and wanted you for all these years but all it has gotten me is a lot of tears and i know that you aren’t meant for me well I’ve been waiting and hesitating and waiting for that day when you say you want me and you’re not going to taunt me and you’ll come out and play well i’ve wanted so much and i got so little that it’s starting to grow old and all of the stories are starting to bore me and everyone else you’ve told. and I know that you are meant for me yeah i know but today is a new day.


You’re Better Than (1999)

well i could see from far away what you were about to say today.  i could see it in your actions.  i could see it in your eyes.  well you want to turn your life around but you don’t think of those that you’re dragging down.   say it’s just a gut reaction, but it’s something i despise.  did you ever stop to think about the things you did?  you’re still a fucking loser if you have to cheat to win.  and all those times you spent benefiting only yourself while i’m falling down.  you’re better than all of the them.  you go out drinking and you fight fight fight.   seem to do the same thing every night.  and you say you ain’t got a problem.   it’s something that you like to do.  your friends try to help you now all the time, but they’re just a waste of time to you.  stack the deck to beat the odds so everything goes your way.  if you keep on playing games like that you’ll lose it all someday.  but you’ll keep playing that game to end, it’s something i don’t want when you backstab your friends.  and when you try sometimes you just might find that it never goes away.  you’re better than all of them.