(These lyrics are painful to include. However, in the interest of completion-ism here they are.)



saw you standing across the street i stand alone and i watch you from my window and wonder when you’re coming home wind blowing through your hair blows my mind away but all this pain is inside of me because you could not wait. so when you come around i hope that I will see you later to spill my blood on the ground turn around and stick your splinter back in me pain is better than nothing at all i see the future through a shattered crystal ball don’t like it that we like to fight but maybe we can break the storm tonight. it’s a splinter inside of me never will come out and ifi live to be a hundred i still couldn’t make it without that feeling that you’re so near stay every night and day but like that knife stuck in my back it never goes away, i have done all that i could do said all i could say and now i’m going to tell you something it will never go away but i stand alone i stand alone and i wait for you but do you want me to do you want me too.


You Belong

hey kids now you’re back in town you gotta catch up on the local scene got some new clothes dyed your hair red buy it up til the scene is dead i don’t care what you got to say the way your talking now you belong you belong you like punk cause its all around but everything that goes up must come down. you’ve been there but i couldn’t afford it but i never want to be that way, just find a way just time to find a way. all i know i learned from empty-v got some other things that i want to see if there’s a party now you’re all gonna go local scene 90210 don’t care what you do today the way you’re acting now you belong you belong take down the bottle and pass it around laugh as you drink and you all fall down, rebel rebel altenateen you cut some holes in your brand new jeans at the mall checking all the clothes mommy mommy will you buy me those where were you when the numbers were few think its a fashion show you belong you belong all good things dry up someday underground going all around everyday.



it’s getting late the time has come put out the lamp and use the light of the moon because it will soon be dawn traveling under the cold moon whenever you want we’ll leave the sun will be climbing the hills soon the night granting us reprieve all is shining across the sky the city lights are on and we have taken all we need and when they come tomorrow we’ll be gone i can’t take no more my eyes are blind a few more miles left to go and we will have crossed the lines chasing us down with the search dogs the men with guns behind trucks of soldiers upon the road they have killed a few friends of mine panzer tanks and men in ranks it looks like they have come to stay the secret police are breaking in my door and i’ve got to get away because i fear what they’ll do ifthey catch me there is a storm front moving in but by the time i get to switzerland i won’t see this pain again and again and again smoke in the sky it covers up the light black shirts with red armbands they’re out looking for a fight hiking on through the mountains with everything that we own far beyond the searchlights maybe we won’t stand alone because i have heard so many lies that i won’t hear one more as i leave my home for freedom in the summer on 1944 it’s a blackout.


Father Told Me

father told me drive a nail in a tree the pain will heal in time the scar will always be father told me be careful who you trust because even concrete it can turn to dust and i put my trust in you and all my father’s words came true father told me yes you can take the car but if you’re driving better not go too far and father told me check out anytime but live under my roof you’ll be a son of mine and now my dad is long since dead he was hanging on by a thread never had a chance to tell you just how i felt inside now that you’re gone, mother told me about the things you did can’t wait to talk to you when we meet again and father told me be careful who you love because when the things go wrong dont want push to turn to shove but i don’t want to be pushing you cause i don’t want to lose you too, and i’m hoping that somehow someday i will find a way cause i think about it every night and day.



you must think i’m crazy for calling you up so late but every time i see you i never have the guts to say that i wish you would leave him or i will break into i know you’ve tried to please him but i would change my life for you and you might hurt me i hope so rejecting thoughts that haunt me but you’re face stains my mind and once i reach you i’ll leave all my rage behind i know you’ve told me that i will taste you soon i can’t deny my pain now one day i’ll give it back to you and you might hurt me but i wouldn’t think so i waited outside your door j ust to steal the warmth fiom you i broke inside and peered in through your room look into my eyes and figure out what i need look into my eyes i wish you’d care what i need and you might hurt me but i wouldn’t think so look into my eyes it’s no surprise.



Way too much to type.  Sorry!



if you’re going to minnesota you better take your gun the state police are on your trail don’t stay in one place for too long if you’re walking across campus at night you’d better stay in the light i wait in shadow until the moment is right you turn your head and i’ll strike f.b.i, man catch me if you can i’m steps ahead every time highway girl let me give you a ride so my count will be up to nine. looks nice think twice life is a roll of dice we take a chance every day you cry ask why why all good things must die don’t hear a word you say. there was a girl that i really loved until she broke my heart i’ve got her head in a bag in the yard so now we’ll never be apart i blame my mother and father i blame the girls i have known i blame it all on society for putting me on this throne. if there is a hell down below i will find it but i wont go there alone i live my life just the way i design it follow the desert road you’re walking across the country with a gun in your hand you’re running from the law just as fast as you can you better put it down before the moon comes up cause when the hammer falls there will be nothing but blood they are going to catch you one day they are going to make you pay they are going to take your life for those lives with justice style u.s.a.



invited me to go but i’m not going i can’t understand the feeling your showing i live life so fast but it seems to be slowing you left just as you started growing on me. ask me out then you back out please make up your mind pull me in and throw me out and move on down the line, this happens all the time to me doesn’t matter anymore i’m not something you need so i’ll drink then die on the floor. cause you can’t feel the pain where there has been a scar so you can’t break my heart i was young and dumb and blind and things weren’t what they seemed so go ahead and run away i’ll still kiss you in my dreams. so i said hey and you are in my head and you are in my bed and you are in my mind and its been going on for so long that i don’t know what to do i’m so sick of you have been for a long time so i said hey out of my head get out of my bed get out of my mind cause i said hey i’m going away.



build me up and break me down help me swim and watch me drown fill your truth with little lies and tell me all your alibis. its been going on for so long i know where are you going to be tomorrow do you even know. i walked across the united states for so long and i thought that i had found my place but i was wrong. teach me to fly but cut my wings and why do they cage a bird that sings rain clouds always fill my sky and i can’t look you in the eye. i looked deep into you soul what was there and i looked into your eyes but they weren’t clear. so i said when you said you could not be my friend i could not understand what goes inside your head you found another man you ruined all my plans but if you change your mind i will be right behind. in my head and my mind and my face and my sky its no long term so why am i here i said time after time i try you only say good-bye but if you turn around we can get off the ground i wait here everyday to hear the words that say you will be coming back to put my life on track so tell me where you are. so why is it such a waste of time and why am i always last in line my rainbow has all turned to black i turned around and you stabbed my back. i’ve been looking everywhere but i haven’t found it even thought that i had the answer but i passed around it.



it always goes your way i hate the things you say reel in your victims with your words that just aren’t true who poisoned me with shit like you. you’re so above me now don’t try to judge me now. you live life for yourself and think of no one else you drive it in the ground and someone will knock you down. those other than you you hate them too got no reason at all cause you’re so much more than all of them and they aren’t shit in your eyes that were always closed you take away instead of give cause your mind is a sieve you try but you can’t hold a thought way you were taught when you were small its time to take control. i am so sick of you i hate the things you do you break the silence with a stare that i can’t shake its your stare i just can’t break. i know all the things you say parade the town with the frown i put on you and list the names of the faces you would love to bruise its all bullshit.


Too Far

well your finally all alone and free he is so far away so you came by to see me but who do you love today well your living life on the edge but this time you have stepped too far when you fell you pulled me down with you and i landed so hard. well did you ever stop to think just how you have fucked with my head you no longer have to worry about me because instead of seeing clearly i see red well what if i had just said no would we have gone on another day then things wouldn’t have to be like this and things could be the same way. so where do i go please don’t be wasting my time you got me losing my mind you got me dreaming but wake me up. well how could you hurt me j ust like everyone else lately nothing is what it seems i close my eyes and think of other things but i can’t escape this dream. so when the rains came they washed my head away you are the one that i blame looks like another loveless day tell me it is alright tell me it is all lies you have gone too far.



i’ve been down this way before and i’ve always walked this way but i never saw the things that i saw today the sun it always shines it’s never been any other way but somehow it just looks strange today. open your eyes change your view see the things that all surround you close your eyes you don’t care missed everything cause it wasn’t there. the playground where you played has all been bulldozed away now you wish that you could have stayed young today and your mom cried lots of tears when you packed and you moved away now you long for those past years today. you grew up you wised up you left your youth behind now older and colder do you really think that you’re doing fine. varicose. don’t leave your youth behind there’s too much here to just close your eyes because everything i had i gave it all away and all of my hair has turned to gray and everything i’ve lost cannot be found and it’s times like this that i wish i could get my head back off the ground.



well you dance in a circle and you drum for love point out who you like i’ll show you who i loathe kick the hackey sack out on the mall and smile smile smile cause i hate you all. well i guess i’m just unkind. well i don’t want to smoke on your bag of weed you can go ahead but it’s not what i need don’t want to toke ain’t got that time think life is a joke cause you lost your mind. driving in your bus on the dead tour drums in space is such a bore “but you have to be trippin’ man, to like this show” guess that’s why i’ll never go. well you smell like petuli and your friends do too throw glass in the grass cause you wear no shoes and i fucking hate that jerry g. and phish phucking sucks and that’s fuck with a “p”.