Rise Again


Lost At Sea

This crew of 40 hands . Heading for uncharted lands . Old maps and plans warn of . Sirens and sea serpents . By night we sail . Headed through storm gust and gale . We are no strangers . To sharks, pirates, other dangers . But this ship is going down . Something off the starboard bow . The crew calls out to Davey Jones . They say “We’re headed home” . It won’t be long . There’s a calm before the storm . And old sailors songs . Speak of dragons, sunken Spanish galleons . Lost without a trace . Disappearing beneath the waves . Red sky this morning . Always been an old time sailor’s warning . This ship is going down . Something off the starboard bow . All hands abandon ship except the captain . He said “I’m going down with it” . And we will not be saved . From this watery grave . Bodies to the sea . Swallowed by the leagues . This ship’s headed home . Call to Davey Jones . Can you hear the sound? . It’s the rattle of the dead ship going down . Rising water filling up our lungs . Sea has come to reclaim all her sons . And as we fade beneath these churning waves . We will not be saved . Going down . We’re going down.


Apology To You

Got to stop and turn around . Everything that I have ever hoped for has not worked out . And I can’t make it change . So I just walk around this tired town . Hang my head ashamed . I could have been smarter . I realize what I had . I should have tried harder . Hindsight shows you that . It would have been good . That may have been so . But how was I to know? . Now it’s all messed up . And even though I put my best foot forward . It’s still not enough . Too little too late . Now I’ve got nothing but time on my hands . I just contemplate . When you fall from grace . It’s a long way down . Not showing my face . Around this town . I will live with this choice forever . Too late to change that now . Why did I…? . I think why did I…? . This is my apology . This is my regret . This is my apology to you.


Paging Mr. Bronson

My girl thinks I’ve got a death wish . Want to stay home . Want to slit my wrist . Only haven’t – I’m afraid of the blade . And no one wants to clean up . All the mess that would make . Yeah I know . I’ve got a lot of problems . I was hoping that you could help me solve them . Before a bullet is in my head . And then she said . Time will wash away . The wounds you feel today . And I will stay here with you . Make sure you’re ok . We all get down sometimes . But things will work out fine . I’ve known you for so long . Be my friend for life . This time I hope you see . True friends are rare indeed . And I would like to thank you . For being there for me . Sometimes you know you have to live and learn . Sometimes you know you’re gonna have to crash and burn . Well you helped me out . Cause I’m down not out . Hiding in your room . Writing all of these songs . Of doom and of gloom . But don’t ever forget . You’ve always got a friend . Who is not going to quit . I’m not giving up yet . This song is for a friend . Who had an ear to lend . Back when I was younger . Back when I was on the edge . In a town where I had no friends . And so it went until . A girl I knew . Came and brought me light . And made it right . Hiding in my room . Writing all of these songs . Of doom and of gloom . But I won’t ever forget . That I’ve got a friend . Who is not going to quit . Not giving up on me.


Waving Goodbye

Heading out into the night . All of us are dressed in black . And we’re piled in Eric’s ride . As we drive from house to house . We’re scoping each one out . Wondering what we’ll take from their garden . Running down the road . We’ve taken all your gnomes . Never been a rhyme or reason why . Looking at your lawn . You notice they’re all gone . All your gnomes are now becoming mine . And we’re waving goodbye . Thinking back when we were kids . All those crazy things we did . And somehow got away with it . Yet I find it odd somehow . Cause even at my age now . I am still tempted to steal them . In the morning when the sun comes up . You will see our footprints by your shrub . And all those gnomes you paid good money for . Have gotten up and walked right out your door . And now we’re after more . We are taking them . We are taking them all . And we’re waving goodbye . Goodbye.


Rise Again

At night I come alive . The moon is my mistress calling . Through the fog and the dim street light . I know you’re not alone . From my perch I see inside . Your eyes a window to your soul . At night, bathed in light . Can’t see what lies in wait for you . But I’ve got no choice . It’s conflict resolution . Inside, one voice . It urges demons on . I will wait all night . Locked outside your door . Know that he’s in your room . Know what he came here for . And I’ll find a way inside . If you won’t let me in . And you can shoot me down . But I will rise again . One shot straight through . The police respond with lights and siren . Yeah you’ve dropped me to my knees . But know my heart still beats for you . Intact, fading to black . But even if they bury me . You’ll find an open grave . Right where I used to be . Like a phoenix from the flame . From a town without a name . My own disease . Eats to my bones . I’m cold and tired . Gonna die alone . Drop to my knees . Wait by my phone . This line is wired . But nobody’s home . I have been waiting for this time to live . Or time to die . If you won’t make this choice will this gun help you to decide? . Take my life . And the night will fill with fire . An eternal funeral pyre.


Go For Broke

We’ve been laying low waiting . Taking shelter from the storm . Winter days are finally getting warm . What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger . I have heard some say . I will test that theory everyday . There comes a point when failure is like a poison in your veins . No time like the present to make that change . So yeah, the sun is sinking low . We’re gonna go for broke . We’re hitting with left and right . Won’t go without a fight, alright . Try to shut us down . But you can’t snuff us out . Burning bridges lead to burdens I don’t want to bear . Someday they may leave you stranded here . There’s an open road that’s calling . Got room for one more . This ship is sailing for a different shore . We won’t let you . They won’t let you . You can’t shut us down.



Stand back this is gonna be good . Deep in the woods . Have you seen . The full moon’s out and the change it brings inside of me? . We’re gonna get our due . We’re howling at the moon . We are the lupis lycan kind . We are an old bloodline . We are the bloodline . Those who dare walk woods alone should know . That there is truth . To the stories of the youth . It keeps them out of hungry hands . From the beasts that hunt these lands on shadowed eves . Tavern owners know . They told you not to go . That there are nights . When you draw those curtains tight . Keep the fire burning bright . And heed that gypsy woman’s words: . “Even a man who is pure at heart . And says his prayers by night . May become a wolf when the wolf’s bane blooms . And the autumn moon is bright” . When frost forms on the fields . We’ll sense your heat through chill . We’re moving in to kill . You know we will.


Now Or Never

Baby let’s go for a drive on this moonlit summer night . Cause I’ll be leaving soon . Want to spend some time with you . Look up to the sky . Put there for you and I . Is there someplace we could go? . Where we could be all alone . Cause I’ve only got tonight . To speak with all my heart . And I would waste my life . If I’d never thought . I haven’t got forever . Believe in now or never . Someday that hammer’s gonna fall . And I’ll be ready . I’ll be all right.


Destination: Space

Everything is ready . Got my spacesuit on . I’m sitting on the pad and I’m reading for launch . And I have been crossing off a list that I couldn’t forget . But there’s still one thing that I haven’t done yet . So I picked up the phone to see if you were home . Want to talk to you one last time . To say I’m off to search for life . But I just want to say goodbye . I’ve got such a long way to go . And I can’t stay here in this place . Destination: space . I’ve been looking back at all the places I’ve been . And I may never
get this chance again . So I’m sitting in this rocket . Pointed at the sun . Countdown sequence 4-3-2-1 . It’s not that I want to leave . It’s just I gotta believe . That there’s something more out there . And for what it’s worth . From the curve of the earth . I can see you wave goodbye . And if you look up to the sky . Know I’m way up high . I’ll think of you as I float by . So baby please don’t cry . I’ll be fine.


Never Sleep Again

Everybody better run for your life . Killing spree with a butcher knife . Designed to cut through flesh and bone . On the night that he came home . Don’t go . In the woods alone . In the basement so you . Don’t go . To the hospital or die . Your life is fading fast . There’s a fiend in a hockey mask . Impaling lovers on the stake . At Crystal Lake . Stay away from Crystal Lake . There are some rules that you gotta adhere to in the season of the dead . 1st rule: Don’t approach, stay away . The killer’s never really dead . 2nd rule: You can run really fast but you’re gonna fall and hurt your leg . 3rd rule: You’ve got a car, but it won’t start, and he’s not far so you gotta get out and head to the house for the last fight of the night . You find it ends when all your friends have died . 1-2 He’s coming for you . 3-4 Better lock your door . So now you now the rules of film . Now you know what you did need to live . Now you know how the story ends . Never sleep again.


Love & War

You’re always on my back . I’m always at your throat . I can’t take it anymore . You know I love you dear . But now it seems so clear . This isn’t what we’re working for . And push has come to shove . And our once kindled love . Has been dragged right through the mud . And every night I hear you crying . I lie awake at night . Because I know that things ain’t right . And I think of all the times we had . Before we used to fight . But this ain’t working . Give it up, give it up . So what are we trying for? . These last few years confirm my fears . That it ain’t gonna work no more . I agree with you . I know every word is true . And although this hurts me deep inside . It’s something I must do . Said I have seen this coming for sometime . I’m not going to argue with you tonight . I don’t know what we’re fighting for . I am pulling out, retreating from this war . I have been waiting . Waiting for the day, waiting for the word . When you come explaining . Telling me that “Hey, this ain’t gonna work” . She said “I love you baby, more than anything . I want a person who makes me a priority . I’m sick of living with someone that I never see . This band, your job- they all will be the death of me . And this ain’t gonna work no more” . It’s love and war.


Roads Less Traveled

Much has changed the past few years . Where will I be when this smoke all clears? . Will I still enjoy the driving . Where we’d laugh the whole way home . Will I still love the feeling that comes from playing shows? . What’s on the radio? . Styles always come and go . But I’m still here doing the only thing I know . Gotta work after driving all night . The boss said “Dave, you’re looking tired . What do you do this for . If you’re not getting signed?” . And I said . I have done my time . No one can say I never tried . And these have been the best years of my life . And I need something to believe in . So I raise my glass to you . And say “Thank you for supporting what we do” . I’ve always held on to a dream . And it still tastes so sweet . I would close my eyes and drift off into sleep . Starts with my friends and I . Driving around the countryside . And then I realized that this has . Come to be . I know there may come a day . When I will not have time to just . Drive around and play . But until that moment comes . I will be doing things my way . And I would like to take this time to say . I will remember these days . Long after times when I am old and gray . And if somebody ever asks me what this time was like . I’ll just smile, and say . “The best years of my life.”


Dead Air

It’s been a long time since I last saw the sunrise . I boarded up the door when I first heard the news . There was a breaking story live on channel two . It warned of danger . It warned of doom . One night the lights went dark . The world started burning . I can’t take it no more . I tried to write our story here by candlelight . Is there hope for humankind? . God only knows . The moment has arrived . It’s time to live or die . Let’s unlock the door and face what waits outside . Tonight . They’re not taking us alive . This war began the day the dead started walking . I’m not going like that . I’ve been here too long to just die here on my knees . Oh baby will you please help me unshore this door . I’ve got some bullets for this pistol . Down to my last few . But I’ve saved one for me . And I’ve saved one for you . It’s just you and me . It’s time for both of us to think back to the fun we used to have . When we both would dance the two-step . When we’d both sit back and laugh . But I have grayed these past few days and the signal has faded out . I’ve brought the last of the supplies . Got you by my side . And who knows what we’ll find . When we head out tonight . Is anybody listening? Is anybody out there? . Once I had a signal, all I’ve got is dead air tonight . This signals signing off . This station is going off the air.