Shadows In The Night

Tonight’s the night . Got a hunger for blood . So we will terrorize the streets tonight . Rolling like a juggernaut . We are the children of the moon . So it’s late in the evening . And you’re headed home . But you pick up the pace . Because you get the feeling . You are not alone . You know we are watching you . We’re shadows in the night . You’re babysitting . And the kids are asleep . You turn to look out of the window . Think you see a person in the street . Is your mind playing tricks on you? . You’re watching TV . And the phone starts to ring . You pick up the receiver . And all you hear is someone there breathing . I am there hiding in your room . Call for help . Call 911 . You know you’ll never kill me . With a knife or a gun . Your only hope . Is to get out and run . But you’ll never get away . Silver bullets . Garlic and stakes . You listen to those stories . And you’ve made a mistake . We’re in your head . We’re in your dreams . And we’re here to make you scream


Dial Tone

Well I got a call from you the other day . We exchanged the basic pleasantries . Like “”How are you?”” . “”Okay”” . But I could tell just from the tremble in your voice . That you were not really happy . Never had a choice . When times were right . I was always wrong . A piece was always lost . I never had the time to complete the song And when you left that night . I continued on . And here I am today . Holding on to you via telephone . Now all I’ve got . Is dial tone . Well you never really told me why you called . Maybe it was just to show me . That this was all my fault . Because I know the thought has often crossed my mind . And when you wanted to move forward . I got scared and left behind . Just so you know . Should never have let you go . So say I told you so And I have often cursed the day that . I lost you from my life . And I will often count the ways that . I could have made things right . And then as I hung up the phone . I thought how this still hurts . But maybe someday you’ll come home . And maybe someday . I will find the words


Destroy Tokyo!!!

Well off the coast of Monster Island . Something is moving in the night . So we’re heading for the highland And everybody’s outside . Because they know there’s gonna be a fight . This time this town is going to be destroyed . This town is Tokyo . Look out it’s Monster Zero . The city is in his sight . Wake up Emperor Hirohito . Saying look outside . Cause the city is going to burn tonight . Twins are calling Mothra . And evil King Ghidorah . Even the Oxygen Destroyer . You can’t kill Gojira


All American

Let’s go . You know . Before everybody shows . I didn’t want to dance . And I didn’t want to go . And I really hate these clothes . Well you’ve got your dress . And you’ve got your friends . You can find your own way home . My friends and I are leaving . To go get coffee up the road . French toast . And apple pie a la mode . Things are going to get worse before they get better . And I’m sure these things I did probably upset her . But things are going to get worse . Next day . I paid . Her mother called the house to say . That her daughter had walked home . From prom all alone . And on top of that it rained . Well my father was so mad . He wanted to beat my ass . And my mother was so ashamed . She said “”Son, why did you do that?”” . And there was nothing I could say . Or explain . Except I hated prom anyway . And I know those things I did . They all upset her . But things are going to get worse . They always do


The Hills Have Eyes

Hey there little baby . Car is waiting outside . I’ve got a blanket and a bottle . And a cooler of ice . A campsite in the desert . That no one will find . It’s just us tonight . You take the old highway . To the maintenance roads . The ride is a little rocky . But I know we can go . A rusty sign is saying . It’s a government zone . In New Mexico . These hills have eyes . I can see them . Watching me and you . You’d better stay right by my side . If we stay together . Might make it out alive . Just stay beside me here . We’ll beat back . These creatures of the night . If you’re coming little darling . Get the wind in your hair . I’ve got a pistol in the glove box . There’s no need to be scared . I’ve got a map and had a tune up . And there’s air in the spare . I always come prepared . You seem a little nervous . There’s no reason to be . The things that frighten children . Are like family to me . The stories that you hear of . Are just lies on TV . But turn around you’ll see . Driving through the desert night . So many stars you could kill the lights . Only the canyons know we’re here . This is the kind of night I dream of . A place to cleanse your sins . And the things we shouldn’t speak of . Are closing in . I can feel your heartbeat start increasing . Pulse is pounding fear . And there’s no point left in leaving . They know we’re here . Stay close my dear . You can look around and see . They don’t want us to leave . Just come a little closer . I’ll keep you safe with me


‘Til Death

I know that you are often alone . When I am out on the road . You’re probably lonely when . I’m not at home . You’ve had to shoulder . Most of the load . I said all my life . I’ve been so busy . And that’s not right . To make you miss me . So tomorrow night . I’ve got a plan . We will camp out on the ocean . Until the sun comes up again . I can’t help but remember . As the years go by . We’re still together . We will be here forever . Stay with me . Don’t you ever leave . Isolation can start wearing you down . Travels taking its toll . Don’t mean to hurt you . By not being around . Because I know you wanted someone . To have and to hold . Let me say . Starting tomorrow . We will make a change . To lose the sorrow . We’ll be on our way . To regain . The feeling that we had . When we met back in the day . So I sneak in late at night . Won’t turn on the light . Whisper in your ear . To tell you I’m home . And if you don’t wake . That’s ok . Because you need your sleep . You’ve had a long day . And we’ve got the rest of our lives . To go out and play . So we should go away . Get out of the city . Take a few days . Tomorrow if you’re ready . I will do anything . That you ask me to


Big City, Small Scene

I’m done with waiting . These walls have been closing in . But I’ll try pushing back this time . This scene’s reached saturation . Three degrees of separation . It’s all that stands between me . And the guy you’re now seeing . This town’s a revolving door . More than we bargained for . It’s just the same pool . Of beggars thieves and liars . But it’s a . Big city, small scene town . I want to burn it down . I’ll see it all consumed by fire . I can count on one thing . Every time I turn around . I’ll be running into you . Every bar . Every show tonight . Will be a person from a prior time . I’m done believing . If you close your eyes . It’s gonna be alright . Here’s to seeing you again . In the same pool of old friends . And everything that I try to do . Or tried to say . Is all coming back in spades . So we’ve gone our separate ways . But in every crowd I can see your face . I need my space and I need time


Death Race 2000

The rules of tour are changing come today . Pile in the van . Because we’ve got a new game to play . The rules are pretty simple . Gotta kill a lot of people . Then you tally up along the way . Cross the finish line in time . And you’ve got it made . That’s how we roll . So gas up and go . Put rubber to road . And we’ll be on our way Today is Death Race 2K . Bullets and blades . Bloodstains from New York to LA . We missed one there but Dustin is going to turn around . Wheelchairs and walkers turn to targets . In every passing town . This crowd wants blood . They’re screaming, “”Violence Now!”” . And who are we to let them down? . Yeah we’re running in the red but you know . We’ve always loved the sound . So fire up your motors . Wash the meat out of your rotors . Check your tires . Double check your brakes . Put the pedal to the metal . Put the needle in the red . Yeah we’re going off to win this race . Yeah the crowd was going crazy . Killing babies and old ladies . Is just one way we make them smile . The blood is no big deal . We’re so used to tire squeal . But we’re here to add a little style



You said I need to write . A song just for you . Well that’s exactly what I’ve done . This time the topic . May not be one that suits you . Let’s put it through . A trial run . Now it’s T-Minus 3 . Minus 2 . Minus 1 . Starting to live . Starting to take form . Give and you get . Then you rise like the sun . It faded away . Nightfall is coming on . Your words can stab me like a stake . That’s sticking through my heart . This love is cutting like a blade . More than before . I thought that I could walk out your door . But you kept getting in my way . And better things . Have all been withering . And better times . Have gotten further from my mind . And we should separate . It’s what we’ve got to do . Before it gets too late . And we say the things we don’t mean to . I wouldn’t if I were you . I remember thinking . Back so long ago . I hope I have the strength . To see this through . You can look out of your window . You can turn and face away . But I think we both know . It’s the truth . You said things have been so crazy . Yeah we’re both so very tired . At least you know that I have always tried . Or we could come to terms . With who we are . Call it good and say our last goodbyes . Yeah we could call it off . And we could put it down . We should box it up . And bury it deep inside the ground . We could walk away . Turn and let it go . So we don’t regret the day . That we met . And decided to say hello . Hello


Creature Double Feature

Way back in the 70s . Was a great show on TV . Two movies not to miss . On Channel 56 . Attack of The Giant Leech . The War Gods of The Deep . The Beast With a Million Eyes . The Brain That Wouldn’t Die . Creature Double Feature . It showed me many worlds . That I had never seen . With vampires, monsters, robot men . And strange alien beings . The Pit and The Pendulum . The Battle Beyond The Sun . Atom Age Vampire . The Man With X-Ray Eyes . I watched them all the time . They probably warped my mind . I spent my early childhood . Tuned to WLVI . Now they’ve all gone away . I miss them to this day . Cause TV doesn’t ever show The films of yesterday . It Came From Outer Space . Then watch King Kong Escapes . Incredible Shrinking Man . Curse of The Mummy’s Hand . Night of The Blood Beast . Mad Doctor of Market Street . And oh, those Savage Bees . The Terror Beneath The Sea


Dead End Road

Close your eyes . I’m awake I can drive . Dim the rearview mirror . Watch the sun . Turn into darker sky . Along the way . We’ve had brighter days . But this night is mine alone . ‘Til the sun burns the stars away . Tonight we ride . Everything we own is packed inside . And my heart is still thinking about . The ones we left behind . We are the remaining few . We’ve gone a thousand miles . In the last day or two . These days weigh heavy . On my mind . Past 24 hours . Is a lifetime all alone . But every highway sign . Points back to home . Do you remember when . We said that we would meet again? . Must have been a year or two . Now where are you my friend? . Jack of Diamonds . Jack of Clubs . You bet on things like that . It’s going to mess you up . Not counting on anything this time . Past 24 hours . Is a lifetime all alone . But tonight I’m headed down . This lonely highway . And I’m headed home . What will it be like . When I get there? . You know I’m almost home . Will it be everything . That I have planned? . Are you there waiting all alone? . Will you remember . What I look like dear? . Been a long and lonely road . Or will you have left . For another man? . There’s only 10 more miles to go . I’ve been crossing off . The weeks and days . All one by one . But now I’m standing here . But you have gone . Gone . Many things have changed . When I left did you even wait a day? . Or did you leave without the guts to say . That I’d be heading back today . Along this one way dead end road? . This one way dead end road . And I’m driving all alone



I believe in the running . I believe in . The running of the bulls . Seems strange that someone . Could ever turn out . Oh so cruel . There’s gonna be repercussions . They’re gonna be genuine . These deeds won’t be for nothing . This fruit’s not rotting . On this vine . You may get yours yet . How quickly you forget that . The past often catches up to you . But you will know that soon . Yeah you’ve been out on the town . Yeah you’ve been running your mouth . You’re gonna get caught in the middle . As one’s going down . One’s coming up from below . There’s gonna be repercussions . They’re gonna be genuine . All actions lead to something . That you may not like this time . But we are still watching . As you lead your horse to water . But it’s more like lamb to slaughter . When you’re beat down . Look me in the eye . I do not like your kind . This time all eyes . Are watching for your lies . Yeah you’ve been set aside . Went ahead and bruised your pride . Loose lips sink ships they say . So my advice: shhhh . Alright


The Survival Guide

Alright listen . Gotta gather round . We’ve got some holes in the wire . We need to lock it down . One person is always awake . Cause they may come today . Past year has been a living hell . But we have learned to survive . With homemade shotgun shells . And bombs and grenades . We’re sharpening blades . It’s going to be good . Everybody in the neighborhood has been . Locking up their doors . They’re preparing for the war Got a garden where we grow our own meals . Fresh water can be gathered in our solar stills . And a generator with fuel that we stole from the school . Do you remember the day when news first hit the net? . Nobody seemed to listen . But I know you could bet that . Things were starting to change . But we planned for today . Outbreaks and deadly plagues . We’ll be alright . I’ve memorized every page . Of The Survival Guide . We’re staring death straight in the face . We are the last of the human race . Let’s go . You’ve got to have a mental mindset . Don’t be a victim . Learn to fight . Prepare a plan for penetration . Escape/evasion . You’ll need some earplugs for the night . Aim for the eyes



I can feel it coming down . Like a black cloud . Heading right at me . I am still sleeping with your memory . But this time I have finally pushed you . Now I might lose you . Never did mean to . What was I thinking all this time? . This could be love . I’m lonely . Lonely . These years of lust . Have built up in my heart . But it’s too close to call . Is this worth repeating? . I could turn it around . For the best girl I have found . I remember every word when she told me . Well it has come to this . I guess I better get used to it . I know that I told you I loved you . But it felt like I used you . But I never did mean to . What was I thinking all this time? . I believed in me . Believed in you . I know that you have been forced to choose . Those words still burning inside my mind . Tonight . When I said I will never leave you . You said, “”I don’t believe . No, I don’t believe you


Old People

Old people . Get off the road . Why must you always drive so slow? . One of these days . You’re gonna get hit . You can’t drive . Worth a shit . Slow!


Missile Command

Pointed at the clouds above . They search for any traces of . Any type of UFO . That shows up in the sky . Generals plan and train for this . Their finger on the button if . Any silver saucer ships . Go unidentified . Earth is our destination . Prepare for devastation . Air force and armies offer . No resistance . You face annihilation . Prepare for our invasion . We’ll take your women . And your men will be our slaves . Scramble fighters . Shoot to kill . The radio says . Not a drill . Alien formations fill . The radar’s sweeping eye . Sound the air raid . Red alert . Duck and cover . Hit the dirt . Look back on your wasted lives . And kiss your world goodbye . You face eradication . Your race, assimilation . Don’t you realize . We’ve been watching you for years? . Your own United Nations . Shows signs of infestation . You start forgetting that . And you will disappear


Great Unknown

It’s good to see your face . Again my friend . When I knocked on your heart . Did you let me in? . You never know anything . ‘Til you try it . But if you don’t want me around . Well don’t make a sound . I will count on you girl . You will let me down . Said my heart had not hit the ground . I’d be lying . Say baby it’s a long way home . It’s a ride in the great unknown . She said, “”I want to see you again”” . The fade of the sun . Waning of the moon . When you count on change . You’ve got a lot to prove . You said I’ll never do that to you . Again either . So put your head on my chest . We’ll go to sleep . Every promise I said . I will always keep . Laying here next to me . When you’re tired



It’s wearing me thin . It’s been burning me out . Let’s dim the lights . And bring the curtain down . When you’re close to death . You see a tunnel of light . This is for all my friends . That have been here . For those times in my life . And it’s alright . Because that’s just the way that it goes . You get what you get sometimes . When you reach the end of the road . Can you say if you enjoyed the ride? . So let’s get everyone in . And let’s get to it . Got a box full of dreams . From the days of the scene . Got a map on the wall . With pins to show where I’ve been . Pictures on the mantle . They’re the snapshots of my life . They’re dusty in the corners . Or they’re faded from the light . But the memories there have only sweetened . With the passing of time . And it’s alright . Because that’s just the way that it goes . You get what you get sometimes . When you reach the end of the road . Can you say if you enjoyed the ride? . So let’s get everyone in . One last requiem . Gather and bow your heads . Say a prayer for the dead . Let’s put it down . Right . You’ve all been a part of my life . But this time is goodbye . Thank you and good night


Pants Hymn

We went to the beach you know we had this party there . Kelvis, Robert and everyone all found a house to share . Well it was getting noisy so Eric went outside . He went out to the hot tub to get some peace and quiet . Well Eric and his girlfriend they decided to get out . But they made the big mistake of passing in their towels . Kelvis was the first to notice Eric in the hall . So he thought that it had to be pointed out to all . Eric’s got no pants on . So he headed to his room and then he locked the door . But by then a group had formed to point out what they saw . We were all there singing soon we began to scream . We said “”Eric, if you’re listening this is what we see”” . Eric’s got no pants on at all