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Live in Portland? Want to hear new songs?

This Saturday we’re playing at Kelly’s Olympian w/ Accidental Gun Death and The Crawlers. We’re going to be playing a few songs from our upcoming album live for the very first time. Could be magic. Could be awful. Either way if you are of age check it out. Even if we crash and burn, the other bands are fantastic and can pick up the slack. The second show of note is on the 31st at Rock N Roll Pizza w/ Wednesday 13, Still Dead and Regiment 26. In our half-ass attempt at borderline bribery we’re making CD-R’s with some new songs from the upcoming album on it. First 50 people who ask for the disc will get one. Come to a show, get free music that literally no-one outside of the band has ever heard before and will hear for about 2 more months. The last Wed 13 show in Portland sold out, so get your advance tickets at TicketsWest.