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Driving straight into the sun

Last night our dear friend Nate LeQuieu passed suddenly in his home in Hawaii. Nate has been a part of our band since we met him back in early 1998. Dave and Bryan worked with Nate, thought he seemed like a cool dude and invited him out to a show. The next thing we knew we had an unofficial roadie who came to every late night, poorly attended, drive until dawn and sleep in the van show we had that year. In the fall of 1998 we all found ourselves crammed in a van heading out on our first tour together. Those few short weeks have left us all inextricably linked for the rest of our lives. For those of you who have ‘The Kelvis’ on CD, you can find Nate’s picture is printed in the liner notes. It’s hardly a fair representation of the impact he had on our lives. Gone too soon, but we’re all happy that we had some time with you. Raise your glass and give your thoughts to the original Nate Dogg, the one and only Doggfather and our friend, Nate.