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Show Journal 1995-05-09

(Added Oct. 2001) – This was a wild night … one of the best nights we ever had. The first two bands were skinhead bands … complete with SS and Swastika tattoos. I remember being really scared for the first time that night. The reason is because they were all tough as nails and we came out all college-alterna-punk looking. Thank god we actually played kinda fast because they ended up loving us. At one point this drunk fat girl got on stage and started yapping into the microphone. The skins yelled at her and flipped her off. Bryan decided to start the song while she was talking. He clicked off 1-2-3-4 and when it kicked in Dave ran full force into the girl and knocked her off the stage! Our first taste of anarchy! If I recall there was a fight between the girl’s boyfriend and the skinheads outside. Another funny thing about that night was Boot Party … they had a song called ‘Dirty Whore’. To this day Dave and I will still both recite the phrase “This song’s about your mother … it’s called Dirty Whore”. Cracks me up still.

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Show Journal 1995-05-05

(Added Oct. 2001) – I remember expecting this to be a huge show and being disappointed with the turnout. I also remember it being cold. Why do I always remember the cold shows? I think this is also the night we smashed out Bryan’s back window with a bass amp.

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Show Journal 1995-04-29

(Added Mar. 2002) – Man this show sucked. We literally played to just the other bands and the sound guy. Eventually people came to the show but that was long after we played. I recall being very disappointed with the whole show.

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Show Journal 1995-04-25

(Added Mar. 2002) – This was our big chance to play with a band from Epitaph Records! We did well but our dreams of impressing the big name band and getting signed never even came close to materializing. Still a good show though.

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Show Journal 1995-04-19

(Added Mar. 2002) – Hmmm. Don’t remember much about this one. I will say that of all the bands we met in N.C. that Railroad Earth was the coolest and most down to Earth band we ever met. I doubt they will ever see this but we really respected them and wish them the best.

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Show Journal 1995-04-07

(Added Mar. 2002) – Rumors was your stereotypical Southern rock bar. Metallica and Kiss posters on the wall and a jukebox full of Pantera. They actually had a backstage area which had this nasty old couch in it covered with stains and dirt. The promoter of the show walked in while we were mocking his couch and told us “Boys, don’t you laugh … Warrant sat there.” A priceless moment to say the least. Only in Hickory, NC can you find that sort of pride.

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Show Journal 1995-03-30

(Added Oct. 2001) – I really don’t remember anything about this show so I will mention how much I used to love the Pink Collar Jobs. The band was great but the coolest thing was how they worked to promote the Boone and N.C. punk music scene. They should have been awarded a medal.

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Show Journal 1995-03-25

(Added Mar. 2002) – I vaguely recall someone at this show putting a lighter on Dave’s pants while he was singing. I also remember Dave kicking that person in the back of the neck and dropping them to their knees. Aside from the violent side of Dave I remember being really impressed with the Pink Collar Jobs. We sounded so old and slow compared to them. I still feel that way with some of the bands we play with today. Maybe there is a theme here? (Note: After discussing it w/ Bald Steve we decided that the person with the lighter was a girl name Rebecca! Way to go Dave … kicking a girl!)

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Show Journal 1995-03-24

(Added Oct. 2001) – I’m almost positive that we played this show with Damage Done. Furthermore I think it was their first show ever. Also, if I recall this is the show where someone dry humped Dave’s bass amp and then stuck their head inside Bryan’s bass drum while he was playing! Later in the set someone ran into Bryan’s drums while he was playing and toppled the whole set onto the ground.

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Show Journal 1995-02-17

(Added Mar. 2002) – When I think of a stereotypical wild college party this is the one that comes to mind. There were literally between 200-300 people at this little house just out of the Boone city limits. We played upstairs for about an hour and a half and people went absolutely nuts the ENTIRE time! We played every cover we knew and the place just went off. Circle pits, shouting along, throwing stuff, broken bottles, broken windows, you name it. The best part was that there were so many people upstairs that the floor permanently warped into a U shape. Seriously! The ceiling below was concave the next morning! If I recall this was the night that Rick from the Husbians presented us the lyrics for his hit song “Diapers”.