Eric's Show Journal - posted on September 11, 1997 by

Show Journal 1997-09-11

Another sold out night at the Stage 4. Hardly. Most of the other bands were really nice, and this was a plus because they were about the only people there besides employees of the club. I must give a special mention to Subincision who according to their T-shirt guy played “the worst show of their lives.” In fact at one point a friend of the band came out and began yelling “you suck!” I don’t think he meant it in good fun either. None the less, we enjoyed watching them roll around on the floor and smash the drum set. Another shot out to 5 Cent Refund for making an effort to promote the Portland music scene.

Eric's Show Journal - posted on August 28, 1997 by

Show Journal 1997-08-28

We arrived at Suburbia to find a note on the door that said “no show tonight.” So we were kinda bummed that we drove all that way for nothing. We went out to find a pay phone, came back and we see another van parked with a group of people staring at the sign. If turns out they were the headlining band (called 7-X) and they had driven from the bay area in CA. Now that’s a long drive for a cancelled show. Apparently this was the second cancellation on their tour and it just had started a few days before. Anyway, to make a long story short, we called a bunch of places and eventually we managed to get them a show at another club downtown. They are playing again in Portland in a few days and hopefully we can catch up with them again. They were real nice and I hope the rest of their tour goes well. Also since I forgot, I wanted to thank them for the pizza.

Eric's Show Journal - posted on July 27, 1997 by

Show Journal 1997-07-27

Our show was ok and we met a bunch of really cool people from all over the west coast, but all I’m gonna say is that I’m glad we didn’t get killed.

Eric's Show Journal - posted on July 23, 1997 by

Show Journal 1997-07-23

Its official … EJ’s rules. Every time we play there or go see a show it always is good. We finally got to play with Bomf! We had been to see them a few times before and were excited about it. Bomf! is now on tour. Go see them. They are great. They are on tour with The Leeches who are so cool they even have a song about farm animals.

Eric's Show Journal - posted on July 18, 1997 by

Show Journal 1997-07-18

There wasn’t too much to say about this show. 5 bands in 3 hours made for a lot of music. The Kankor Sores were pretty burly, and the Knuckleheads had a pretty good show as well. It seemed like everyone there knew their songs. As for us, we played first so it wasn’t too much to tell. In fact, when the sound guy told us to go ahead and start there were only 2 people there. Of course, they all started to roll in during the end of our set. It didn’t matter though, because we couldn’t see a thing with the cool ‘stage lights.’

Eric's Show Journal - posted on July 16, 1997 by

Show Journal 1997-07-16

Marty’s Garage is literally a garage attached to Marty’s house and a surprisingly cool place to play. They just open the doors to the garage and the bands play inside. Aside from a cool place to play people there seem to know an awful lot about wrestling. A band called Brody played after us and they were really darn good. Go see them if they play near you. They were from Philadelphia and seemed really nice. Anyway, thanks Marty.

Eric's Show Journal - posted on July 7, 1997 by

Show Journal 1997-07-07

Monday night … 11:00 … do you know where your kids are? Well they weren’t at our show. I think everyone in town went to see Face to Face. No, actually it was free band night at Satyricon and the turnout was surprisingly good. A lot of people heard us from the bar or outside and came in to see us. I think tonight’s highlight was Bryan bashing through one of his toms in the middle of our set. This was almost eclipsed by seeing a genuine pimp coming out of a nearby building after the show.

Eric's Show Journal - posted on July 1, 1997 by

Show Journal 1997-07-01

Man I thought this show was gonna suck. There was hardly anyone there, it was a tuesday night, and the headlining band bumped us to play last just so they could get back home early. This was all after we agreed to give them all of the door money. Thankfully, people stuck around through their whole set, so by the time we started there were between 30-40 really bored looking people. But once we started everyone seemed to wake back up. After a few songs and a bunch of Macho Man jokes things started to rock. It got pretty wacky, people throwing chairs, dancing on other people’s backs, pile-on’s and the occasional “clear out a circle and lets breakdance” session. It was the most fun I’ve had playing in a long time. A couple of people thanked us after the show, saying how glad they were that someone from Portland was finally into playing all ages shows. Oh by the way, Phill Wanted still rocks.

Eric's Show Journal - posted on June 29, 1997 by

Show Journal 1997-06-29

Another pretty cool show in Portland. It was an all ages show with 3 other bands. Short Round from Eugene was awesome. It was Phill Wanted’s first show and they rocked hard. One of these days they are going to rule this town. We play again with them in 2 days which should be fun. We unveiled the Volvo song at this show and it went over well. The sound guy said we were the loudest band he’s heard in a while. There were girls in the front covering their ears which left us with an oddly enjoyable feeling. Someone said we were good musicians … that was pretty cool. Wrong, but pretty cool. One crappy thing happened that I’m dying to mention. Two of Dave’s friends showed up to see us and were told that they couldn’t come in because “dressed appropriately to see a show here.” If someone is willing to show up on a Sunday afternoon and pay 5 bucks to see some local bands, should it matter what they are wearing? I guess I didn’t realize there was a fashion show going on.

Eric's Show Journal - posted on June 15, 1997 by

Show Journal 1997-06-15

Hello Portland. This was our first show as a 3 piece and it rocked. The people there really seemed to get into all of the bands, which was nice. A welcome change from days past in a different time zone. Usually with 6 bands for a buck everyone just drinks beer and works the bar, but people actually paid attention. Most of the other bands were pretty good. Some worth a mention were Super Villain, Beer Gut, Ladies Speed Stik and Witch Throttlegush. I think we won the crowd over when Bryan shared his tale of meeting Dio in a record store.