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Wednesday is rock night, part two.

Tonight we’re playing at the Ash Street in Portland with No Secrets Between Sailors and our longtime friends Creepsville 666 who is on tour and based in Phoenix, AZ. A few of the members used to play in a band called Coldsnap 9. If you’ve followed us for a while you may recognize the name as we’ve played quite a few shows with back in the day. In fact you can even see Justin rocking one of their shirts inside ‘The Return’. If you have the means and the time come check it out.

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Wednesday night is rock night.

No excuses, we’ve got to work in the morning too.


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More ways to spend your hard earned money

Our label New School Records has a new web store. They are about as DIY as you can get so check it out. Also, we finally added some shows in Longview and Bend. It’s like 1998 all over again.

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Your new favorite internet radio show

There’s a cool internet radio show called Punk Rock Demo that’s been playing our music periodically over the past year. This is a long overdue plug for their show. Check them out as they have a great variety of the new and old, as well as the big and small.

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Cram it up your ass. Ass, ass, ass.

Come one, come all as we are playing with Guttermouth and The Bullies tonight in Portland at the Hawthorne Theater. It’s hard to believe the first time we opened for Guttermouth was 8 years ago. I think this will be our 4th show with them which is kind of cool. If you do make it to the show be sure to ask about the box of “free stuff” which contains lots of “stuff” that is “free”. We also call it the “box of old comps, bad demos, lame DVD’s and other shit that was can’t sell”.

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Happy new year. Again.

Every new year we joke with ourselves that there’s no way we’ll still be playing at the following new year. Amazingly, we’ve said that fourteen years in a row now. To start off the new year we got some good news and will be playing with Guttermouth in Portland. It’s on Jan 24th and tickets are available at TicketsWest. Needless to say, things are starting off well. Hope everyone has a good 2009!


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Worst flyer ever?

We were browsing through some old flyers and found this gem to promote one of our shows w/ Thirty3 a few years ago. Sometimes being wrong just feels so right.


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Thanks for giving us a web site update

This year we are thankful for Pandemonium Media for giving us a long overdue web site update.

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iTunes yo.

Requiem is finally available on iTunes along with many more of our prior albums. If you prefer your music as MP3’s or just want to buy a few tracks you now know where to go. No props to the iTunes store for tagging us as “alternative”.


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It’s finally here

Tonight is our CD release show in Portland. Yes it’s short notice, yes, Justin may or may not able able to stand and yes, we aren’t even headlining our own show, but it’s the only CD release show we’ve got so we’re going to make it work. If you live in Portland and are over 21 do stop by this evening.