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Finally, some shows

At long last we’ve finally added two shows with The Them in April. Also, we got links to these two videos that we wanted to share that feature our tunes. The first is desert motorcycle riding and the second is some backcountry ski/snowboard/snowmobile action. Pretty cool. Thanks Tim!

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Raise up and get your circus on

So the show in Kelso next week got a lot more interesting. Aside from it being a pretty solid punk show it’s also featuring The Enigma (of Jim Rose and X-Files fame) and other circus sideshow antics and performers that could quite possibly make someone pass out. Do check it out if you are in the area.


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Ten in twenty ten

Happy new year!

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Great success!

Thanks to all who attended The Misfits show, including the folks who have been with us for years as well as those who may have never heard of us until last night. With that show in the bag we are going to lay low for the rest of the year and hopefully get started on adding some shows in 2010.

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Friday the 13th will be awesome this year!

Friday the 13th w/ the Misfits. We are beyond stoked for this show!


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Small show, big show

This Friday we are playing the 48 Thrills CD Release show at Kelly’s Olympian. Also featured that night is the Muddy River Nightmare Band whom we have not played with in an inexcusably long time. Do check it out. Also, we just booked a show with the Misfits at Berbati’s. We are very, very, very stoked for that.

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Check 1, 2.

Yes, we are still alive. No, we haven’t run off to join the circus. One must admit that the life of a carnie does sound entertaining though. Anyway, we’ve got a few shows booked for the end of the month that we’re getting stoked for. That is just about all there is to report for now.

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A “double header” is not a deviant act

We’re playing not one, but two shows tonight in Bend. The first is an all-ages show at Detail Kings, the second is a bar show at Players. We’re hoping to make the two sets consist of totally different material so choose wisely. If you are in the area come say hi.

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KO at KO

Tonight we’re playing at Kelly’s Olympian with 48 Thrills and The Anxieties. It’s Glenn’s last show with the Anxieties some come pay your respects!


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$250 Citations Suck

Next time anyone sees Joel out and about be sure to buy him a drink or a lapdance. He earned it last night.