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Driving straight into the sun

Last night our dear friend Nate LeQuieu passed suddenly in his home in Hawaii. Nate has been a part of our band since we met him back in early 1998. Dave and Bryan worked with Nate, thought he seemed like a cool dude and invited him out to a show. The next thing we knew we had an unofficial roadie who came to every late night, poorly attended, drive until dawn and sleep in the van show we had that year. In the fall of 1998 we all found ourselves crammed in a van heading out on our first tour together. Those few short weeks have left us all inextricably linked for the rest of our lives. For those of you who have ‘The Kelvis’ on CD, you can find Nate’s picture is printed in the liner notes. It’s hardly a fair representation of the impact he had on our lives. Gone too soon, but we’re all happy that we had some time with you. Raise your glass and give your thoughts to the original Nate Dogg, the one and only Doggfather and our friend, Nate.

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Friday night was awesome.

Thanks so much to everyone who attended our show on Friday. Let’s see if we can get another one in before the end of the world in 2012!

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“You guys still play?”

Yes, it really has been nine months since our last show. The laws governing band membership require a yearly show, so here we are. Can we expect anything new and exciting from this show? Not really. Same crap we’ve been playing for years now, only being projected from older and more weathered looking bodies. With a sales pitch like that, why wouldn’t you come to the show?


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This one time at band camp…

We’ve just uploaded our last 4 albums to, which offers album and song downloads in MP3 and a variety of other high quality and lossless digital formats. Songs are $0.89 each and since we get to set the price all of our albums are listed for the very low (and equally awesome price) of $6.66. It’s about time something like this came along since after all these years we’ve never seen a penny from iTunes or Amazon. If you are interested in downloading one of our albums check it out at

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Groove is in the shark.

Just got done uploading our last four albums to Grooveshark. The power of streaming music compels you.

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In The Knife Shop, that’s where it’s at.

Two Live Crew anyone? It’s been a while but we’ve got a show next Saturday at The Knife Shop. Where is The Knife Shop? It’s the newly revamped music room at Kelly’s Olympian. Should be a good time. It’s Jeff from The Stims birthday. Hide your daughters.


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Many moons have passed

Saturday night we are playing with Burnout at the Tonic Lounge in Portland. It’s been what, 8 years or so since we both shared the stage? Old dudes for the win!

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Northbound and down

This weekend we’ve got shows in Longview and Seattle. If you live on the northern I-5 corridor stop by and say hello.

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After what felt like forever, Requiem is finally on Pandora. Speaking of internet activity, have you looked us up on Facebook yet? Become a fan. It’ll make you feel good.

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Again? Really?

Justin with another leg injury? Can someone hook the man up with some prosthetics?