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Thanks to all who attended the Kick Back Punks chat last week! Apologies to those who had to endure the weight of Dave’s insulting and smack talking! Speaking of things to do for computer literate people … our new MP3’s are available! Get them from our download page now! If you live in Portland make plans to attend our CD Release show on 4/26. New long sleeve shirts are on the way next week as well as other sizes of the flaming 800 Ball T-shirt.

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Sounds like we got quite a few of you with our little April Fool’s joke! We awoke on Monday to dozens of messages from all over the place with people saying how excited they were for us and offered their congratulations! Slowly though, as the day wore on the follow up e-mails and phone calls started rolling in with people calling us cold hearted bastards for deceving them! In the words of the A-Team “I love it when a plan comes together.” So for the record

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Boo. More cancellations to report. Our April show in Chico got dropped because the club double booked. Also our May show w/ Statch at the Meow Meow got cancelled for the same reason. Oh well, that just gives everyone one more reason to come to our April 26th CD release show at the Paris because it will be our only all ages show in Portland until July!!! Oh yeah, by popular request we actually have real pictures of our merchandise now! One more funny thing

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The CD is at the pressing plant and being manufactured as you read this! The official CD release date is April 26th but rumor has it we might get the CD’s a week or two early. Early release or not we are going to celebrate it’s release with a show in Portland at The Paris w/ No Thanks To You, Thirty 3 and The Greatest Mistake. The word on the street is that we might possibly even have a surprise guest DJ between bands. So is it time for some new clothes? Well, we finally have pictures of our latest merchandise! Check out the new t-shirts, the baby doll tee’s and our new hoodies that we have for sale!

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Here’s the latest CD update … recording is done, mastering is done, artwork is about 99% done so it should be off to the pressing plant late next week. That means we are still on track for a release date right around April 26th. If you want a sneak peek at song names and lyrics look around the web site. You’ll have to wait a bit longer to hear the new songs though. Also, huge thanks to our Portland Street Team who really came through for the Tiger Army show

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Album Review

Up-And-Coming Artists: 800 Octane. In 1994, four kids from Boone, NC got together to form a band called Hoss. 8 years, a 3000 mile move, a few demo tapes, 2 full-length CDs, countless compilations, 239 shows, 2 member changes, and a record deal later, they are still here, under the name 800 Octane. Dave, Eric, Jim, and Justin can’t be put it any one genre. The band successfully blends the sounds of alternative rock, punk, and pop-punk. Managing to be too catchy and slow for true punk enthusiasts but too aggressive for the pop-punk crowd, 800 Octane has a truly innovative and original combination of sounds. The Portland, Oregon band’s creative lyrics and fresh sound form the one-two punch that makes 800 Octane a must-hear. The band is currently in the studio, recording their third full-length CD, entitled

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News update

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27 days left until we start recording again. The last album came out in 1999 so this one is long overdue. A few web site updates … we’ve added a few new pictures from 2001, and most notably we have turned the FAQ page into a place where you can ask us whatever the hell you want to. Does it bring back memories of What Would Justin Do? Since there isn’t much else news worthy happening we’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been supporting our band. We wouldn’t be anywhere without you so take a moment and thank yourself. Rock over London, Rock on Chicago, Arby’s

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Show Review

Thirty3, 800 Octane – Keeping up the numerical theme, let’s call this stylistic showcase Punk Rock 2K1. Today’s HC/punk bands, as evidenced by these two local music machines, are a mighty well-engineered breed–supertight superfast, and superclean, veritable Steve Austins compared to their ragged lo tech progenitors. Their riffs blaze by with practiced perfection, burning the asphalt with their speed. No detours here, just aim for the horizon and let it fly. It is impressive. No denying that. I do wonder, though–is punk rock really supposed to be this “good”? Something to ponder while racing along (Willamette Week)

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Thanks to everyone in L.A. who showed up early on the 15th to see us play with The Deviates. We had a great time! We’ve got quite a few shows in the NorthWest coming up so keep your eyes peeled for shows near you. Probably the biggest bit of news