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Studio update

Session #2 is a wrap on the new album. Next week we head back up for vocal touchups and mixing. After that it’s off to mastering. It’s been 4 years in the making and we’re stoked with the songs thus far.

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A night of the living dead to remember!

May 10th is the 1st annual Portland Zombie Prom and we’re playing it. There will be bands, DJ’s, costumes, zombies and hopefully enough brains and blood to go around. Tickets are available in advance through TicketsWest. Dig out your Sunday worst, add a splash of dirt and decay and head on out. (It’s a 21+ show … sorry!)


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6 down, 8 to go

Studio session 1 is officially a wrap. Drums, bass, both rhythm guitars and even a few vocals are in the bag. So far we’ve got 20 songs and we can tell already it’s going to be hard to select which ones won’t make the album. We got back for a few days next weekend and then finish up the first weekend of May. Hopefully a late summer release?

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Hello Seattle

In less than a week we’re off to Seattle to start recording our 5th CD. We’ll try to post some pictures but mostly it’s a lot of sitting around and waiting which isn’t much to write about or see. Something worth seeing is this video which we stumbled upon. Nicely done!

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Bloodstains, speed kills, fast cars, cheap thrills

So we lied. We actually do have one show between now and the studio and it’s in Seattle on March 8th with Agent Orange and MDC! We’re stoked! Recording is still on for April and May. We’ve been practicing, fine tuning songs and otherwise just trying to remember how this whole preparing to record thing works. Hard to believe it will have been 4 years since ‘Rise Again’. It’s been so long it feels like the first time. On another note, huge props to Broadway Calls on their continued success! It’s always nice when a local band does well, and it’s even better when it’s a band you know and love. They could quite possibly be the next big thing so go see them before they are huge!

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Studio time confirmed!

Finally after 3 years of drummer changes, great shows, awful shows, a canceled tour and even childbirth we’re getting serious about making our 5th full length album. Studio time has been booked for April and May of 2008 at Egg Studios in Seattle. Why are we going to Egg again? Becuase we loved the last two albums and something seemed really appealing about making it a trilogy. With mastering and production we’re looking at a late summer release. Anyway, happy holidays to everyone!

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Last weekend of shows for the year

Tonight a show in Richland and tomorrow the Ash Street. Two of our favorite places to play all in one weekend. Ray’s should be rad because it’s Ray’s and Ray’s is always good. The Ash Street will be cool because it’s a reunion show for The Secludes which is one of our favorite Portland bands ever. We play first at that one so please show up early. In the meantime this has been amusing us, as well as this.

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No thanks to giving thanks

For those who don’t over eat this week or just want to escape family activities we’ll be playing a post-Thanksgiving show in Longview this Friday. It’s to support the Scene Not Herd ‘zine, but it can also be considered your excuse to drink your holiday blues away in a seedy bar filled with loud music.

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All your gnome are belong to us

We saw this story on the news yesterday and it fills our hearts with pride. Read it here.

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So long Astoria, or rather so long to Astoria.

Sorry to anyone who ventured out to see us in Astoria show last night. The whole trip was doomed from the get go. The van crapped out in the morning so we tried to improvise by cramming gear into two cars. When you combine that with Dave’s delayed plane flight, Friday afternoon traffic and the worst GPS routing ever we wound up screwing ourselves badly. By the end of the night we were in 4 cars, all 4 of us driving alone and all of us dreadfully late. Justin and I were already an hour late when we made it to Clatskinie and when we found out Dave and Dustin were each anywhere from 1-2 hours behind us we just threw in the towel. Best case senario we would have kept everyone waiting for an hour, worst case they would have shut down the show without us ever getting to play. We chose to cut our losses and spare each of us (in 4 cars) the additional 2 hours there and back for a show we might or might not get to play. Easily the worst trip ever. Serious apologies to Level 2, Krush Klamath (especially since you were supposed to borrow our gear!!!), Piercing Truth and anyone who came out to see us. We hope to reschedule for Nov/Dec and are trying to figure out the logistics of a van relacement as this thing has cost us two shows this year. -Eric