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Show Journal 2009-07-14

We’ve wound up playing unintentional house shows in the past and it’s usually bad news. In this case it worked well for us. Very well. I’d dare say it was the most fun I’ve had playing in Longview since our Halloween show of Rise Again fame. The story is a bit fuzzy, but about a week ago we discovered that Reid’s Pit Stop wasn’t ready for our show so we put the word out that we were looking for a venue. Our main motivation was getting long time friends The Secretions and their tour mates The Bugs a show since both were far from home wanting to avoid a night off. A few hours later our friend Joel (former guitar player for BXF and the owner of the second 800 Octane tattoo ever) offered to put us up in his garage/bar/party pad known simply as “Thunderdome”. Mission accomplished. The show got off to a late start but wound up being pretty fantastic. The Bugs sounded solid and won me over with a song called “e-mail from a she-male”. There weren’t a ton of people for their set, but by the time The Secretions started people really started to roll in. We’ve seen them play many, many times and I gotta say they rocked the hell out of the garage. The guitar players jumped on tables, couches, the bar, people and anything else available to walk on, stand on or jump from. I never thought I’d see someone dislodge a mirror ball from a ceiling with their head, but only a band like The Secretions could accomplish this task. Unfortunately the night took a brief turn for the worse. As we started to load in and tune up I heard the phrase we had been dreading, “dude, the cops are outside”. Right on queue two cops came in with flashlights looking for the owner of the house. Initially we were pretty bummed that we drove up there, setup and wouldn’t get to play. However, it had been a fun night and the other bands got to play for people, which really was our main goal. We loitered around for a bit and debated unloading and then Joel decided the plan would be to wait 20 minutes and then we’d bust through a 20 min set. His thinking was that the cops would leave, we’d play and by the time they returned we’d be done. Looking back the logic was a bit flawed, but it sounded like a good idea at the time so that’s what we did. We closed up the doors, packed people in and played a quick, fast, loud and sweaty set. The thing that made it really cool is that we knew pretty much everyone in there. Most of the people have been coming to see us for years, so it was definitely a different vibe that usual, more like a kick ass party than a show. I don’t know what it was like for the people watching but for me it was amazing. Looking out seeing familiar faces crammed in singing along is still sticking with me a day later. If you were there you most likely saw a version of ‘Day Of The Dead’ with Justin on bass and Dave sans instrument. My favorite moment however, was being egged ino a version of ‘Astro Zombies’ with Danny Secretion and pretty much the whole room singing. I can’t even express what a good time I had playing. There was one small spoiler to the evening though. Literally half way through unloading the cops returned. Joel wound up getting a $250 ticket which pretty much sucks. If you see him around buy him a drink and thank him for taking one for the team. Many thanks to The Bugs, The Secretions and all the familiar faces who stuck around late. Sorry again Joel, we owe you one. Perhaps even 250 of them.

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Behold… Thunderdome!

The July 14th show has been relocated to Thunderdome in Longview. Never heard of it? Don’t know where it is? To get that that information you’ll need to talk to Joel from the rock powerhouse formerly known as BXF. If you’ve been deemed worthy of this knowledge you must know that the first rule of Thunderdome is don’t talk about Thunderdome. The second rule of Thunderdome is don’t talk about Thunderdome. Get it? Got it? Good.


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Show Journal 2009-06-27

We tried to play in Roseburg 2 years ago and we had to cancel due to the van breaking down.  We tried last year as well, but had to cancel due to an unexpected trip out of the country for Dave.  The third time was a charm as we actually made it to the show and even got to play.  So was it worth the wait?  Well … uhhh … errr … uhmmm … kind of.   We showed up way late, which given our recent track record was no surprise.  We were however, very surprised to find the show was running almost 90 minutes late.  This was good because we weren’t rushed on stage but at the same time trying to take in 10 band bill is damn near impossible when people play too long or take too long to setup.  I would dare say the people in the crowd just looked worn out.  We caught the tail end of an acoustic set by someone who’s name I didn’t catch and most of It Prevails before we took the stage, or rather the floor.  I think we played well but after seeing hours and hours of bands before us the energy level was definitely a little low for the remaining spectators.  Of course, you could argue that people went nutty for the band before us and the band after us, so perhaps we weren’t that impressive after all?  Either way it did feel good to play even if only a handful of people really appreciated it.  Predictably there were some challenges, most notably the smell of burning plastic and smoke pouring out of the right PA main at the midway point of our set.  We’ve wrecked some gear before but I’ve never seen a smoldering speaker before.  I will say the experience is a whole lot cooler when it’s not your own stuff.  The dead main did mean our last few songs only had half vocal volume but we muddled through it.  American Me was up last and played a pretty bad ass mix of hardcore and got everyone moving.  I will say I’ve spotted a new trend in the world of hardcore and its athletic shorts cut above the knees.  I haven’t been to many hardcore shows as of late so this may be old news, but I think it’s safe to say there were so many white kneecaps bouncing up and down that it felt like we were watching the 1977 Celtics.  Anyway, those guys seemed awfully cool, got the crowd moving and ended the show strong.  Thanks to Erik for hooking up the show, the few familiar faces that had seen us before and to all the new bands who we met tonight.

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Take 3?

We’ve got a show in Roseburg this weekend. We had a show booked there two years ago and had to cancel just before the show. We had another show booked last year and had to cancel before the show as well. We’ve also got a show there this Saturday. Third time is a charm?

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Show Journal 2009-06-12

Go figure that the best Portland show we’ve had all year (well, except for that Guttermouth one) would be in someone’s living room. There was a lot of stuff to take in so I’ll keep it brief. The Seditionists were up first. Brash, snotty, fast, sloppy, low-fi punk rock. I would dare say quite enjoyed it. We Play Quiet was up second and featured a saw. Yep, saw as in “I bought this at Home Depot to cut things” kind of saw. I suppose you could cut fools with it too, but a blade is much better for that. The saw had a very strange almost theremin like sound to it. Interesting take on the genre for sure. Bill Skins Fifth was 3rd, but sadly I didn’t see much as we were catching up with Mayor. Not Dave, the Mayor of Tri-Cities, but the Mayor of Compact 56. We spoke afterwards and he seemed like a cool guy and that gets props here. Destroy Nate Allen was next and he/them was the reason we took the show. Nate used to book our Roseburg shows back in the day and was probably the coolest small town show promoter we’ve ever come across. Everything ran on schedule, pay was always fair, and many times you’d even get fed. Pretty amazing since I think he was in high school at the time. He’s played solo acoustic sets for quite some time and has written many good songs. His new incarnation, featuring his wife on vocals equated to quite possibly the feel good show of the year. Fun songs, easy singalongs, clever lyrics and a DIY spirit few can duplicate. It was Nate, his guitar, his wife and the both of them singing to one another, with a huddled in crowd, no microphones and a room full of smiles. Very cool. They are off for a 6 month tour (!) so we wish them the best. Our set was a blast to play. The room seemed loud, energetic and as the immortal Buster Pointdexter would say “hot, hot, hot”. Speaking of which, I never realized Buster was the singer for the New York Dolls until recently. I almost touched him once exiting a log flume ride many years ago at a Six Flags. Wow, this is a fascinating show review isn’t it? Didn’t I say it would be brief? Anyway, we had a fantastic time playing and I can’t thank everyone who came out to watch us play. Absent Minds was last and in keeping with the theme of the evening they too also had an unusual instrument, a cello. For a while it was inadvertently coming out distorted which sounded pretty awesome. They were pretty excellent. I wanted to watch more but I’m old and old people can die in hot weather so I spent the rest of the night outside in the cool air. Thanks to all who participated in the show. Extra big thanks to Nate and the folks who run the Coop!

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House Party, Kid N’ Play Style

Tomorrow night we’re playing at The Coop in Portland w/ Destroy Nate Allen, Absent Minds, Bill Skins Fifth, We Play Quiet and The Seditionists. The address is 3535 N. Lombard. House show rules apply, which translates to: have a great time and rock out but please respect the house and don’t act like a douchebag outside. People do these shows because they love music, not because they want to clean your vomit off their porch.

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Show Journal 2009-06-05

Right from the get go this show was looking pretty grim. Traffic was awful, there was an insane windstorm, gas was stupid expensive and when we arrived to the venue Stupid in Stereo was playing to literally about 5 standing people. This is definitely not what you want to see after a 4 hour drive. They played well and seemed quite a bit more polished that I recall seeing them before. Props to Ryan and the boys for that. Reviver took the stage and played to even fewer standing people. This was a shame because they have been on tour for 2 months and although the crowd response was pretty weak, I thought they sounded good. Neutralboy was up 3rd and I was stoked to see them due to what I had seen and heard about them online. We don’t meet too many bands that have been at it longer than us and are still doing it all themselves. Quite a few more people trickled into the venue. It’s a shame the place wasn’t more lively because they played well, sounded good and were a step above most bands I’ve seen. The comment of the evening came from their singer who was attempting to antagonize the mostly seated bar crowd and said the following: “I can’t wait until I get back to Seattle tomorrow so when my friends ask how was Richland, I can respond it sucked because everyone sat on their lazy asses.” The reverse psychology actually worked as the place seemed to wake up for the last 2 songs. We played last and thank god some people came out of the woodwork and decided to go a little crazy up front. I do think it was the first time we’ve seen the bar section outnumber the all ages section but it was cool nonetheless. I was also very glad to see people knew the new songs since we hadn’t played there since December of 2007. All in all it turned out to be a pretty great night. Thanks to Dustin, Ray’s and all the familiar faces and friends who made it out to the show!

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The Mayor of Tri-Cities returns

Long ago we used to joke that Dave was the Mayor of Tri-Cities. We could go anywhere and someone would recognize him. Sadly his reign of power has long since ended due to the fact that our last show there was in Dec of 2007. It’s been a long time so please gather up your fellow constituents and head out to Ray’s tomorrow night for some rock and roll. Let’s get Dave back in office!

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R.I.P. Frankenstein

Damn. You put someone’s picture on a shirt and they go and kill themselves. We hope David Carradine suicide had nothing to do with our usage of his likeness. Anyway, props to the man. RIP

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Fire up your motors!

New shirts are finally available. Designed by The Kelvis and printed by Ink Brigade, these are our tribute to the movie Death Race 2000. Very limited numbers. Cost is a lucky $13 which includes shipping. If you have a PayPal account you can even order online. For more details check the merch page.