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Show Journal 2009-11-13

I don’t have too much to say other than that this was a damn fun show. The show started off a rollicking set by Rum Rebellion who were followed by the crust metal explosion of Embrace the Kill. We played third and I must confess it was very nice to play to a large room again. Every time we get to play a “big show” I know I always try a little harder to enjoy the moment because you don’t get many chances at it. Although we only had a tiny sliver of stage I think we played pretty well. The pit on the all ages side ebbed and flowed the whole set and the head bobbing from the bar side of the room reassured me that things were going well. No real mishaps and no real highlights, just what I thought was a pretty solid set. The Misfits were of course the main draw and the crowd ranged from the curious onlookers to the fanatical followers. I think it’s very safe to say The Misfits are our single biggest influence and therefore I have very mixed feelings on their set. On one hand, the sound wasn’t that great, the show and merch was crazy expensive, the vocals were fairly hit or miss, and let’s face it, the two most prominent members of the band are long gone. On the other hand, there is something satisfying about seeing those songs performed live no matter what the circumstances. Had I paid for the show I might be a little bummed, but we did have the unique position of being able to contribute to a show featuring a band we’ve loved for so long. Would I have preferred to see The Misfits back after Earth A.D. was released? Of course. Sometimes you have to take what you can get though, so all in all I’ll consider this show a success. Highlight of the night goes to Kevin, who pointed out that Jerry Only with his spike covered jacket bears a striking resemblance to Bowser. Thanks to Berbati’s, Double Tee and all our friends who came out despite the cold weather and numerous show options that evening!

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Friday the 13th will be awesome this year!

Friday the 13th w/ the Misfits. We are beyond stoked for this show!


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Show Journal 2009-10-23

I say this a lot, but it sure is nice to play show with bands you know. We’ve known most of MRNB since at least 1998 and met 48 Thrills back in early 2005. It’s always cool to play a show in these circumstances because there is very little pressure to try and impress. It’s even better to have a room full of people show up for it. It had admittedly been a long time since I had seen the MRNB (not to be confused with the OCKBB) and I was pleasantly surprised. Tonight was actually unusual for them because they had a new singer on hand. Surprisingly the choice was not another large “could be a biker, could be a contestant in a toughman contest” but a relatively small female singer who actually smiled from time to time. Don’t get me wrong though, she had a tough voice, sported the requisite denim vest and added a whole different energy to the band. I must admit I was impressed. It was very nice to see them again. Our set was very, very warm. Seriously all I can recall was looking down and seeing that my knees had sweated through my pants. Stage lights are cruel and unusual punishment in such a small venue. I often think this is how they keep french fries warm, why me? Isn’t it time for a “green”, low intensity breakthrough in stage lighting? Al Gore needs to get on that ASAP. Beyond the profuse sweating I think we did ok. 48 Thrills was up last and blasted through their barrage of instantly hummable tunes. Their CD sounds good, they sounded good and all in all it was a pretty great night. Thanks to all.

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Small show, big show

This Friday we are playing the 48 Thrills CD Release show at Kelly’s Olympian. Also featured that night is the Muddy River Nightmare Band whom we have not played with in an inexcusably long time. Do check it out. Also, we just booked a show with the Misfits at Berbati’s. We are very, very, very stoked for that.

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Check 1, 2.

Yes, we are still alive. No, we haven’t run off to join the circus. One must admit that the life of a carnie does sound entertaining though. Anyway, we’ve got a few shows booked for the end of the month that we’re getting stoked for. That is just about all there is to report for now.

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Show Journal 2009-08-07

Originally tonight was supposed to be a bar show at Players. A few weeks back the promoter called and asked if we wanted to play an all ages show as well before the bar show. Thinking it would be an interesting challenge we agreed. The plan was to go to the show play, then pack up and head over to the other venue and play there as well. I started to get pretty nervous when a few weeks prior to the show I noticed the all ages lineup was 7 bands and cost 11 bucks. This violated show rules #1 and #2. The bar show was scheduled for 5 bands which violated show rule #3. We were stoked for a few of the bands (Kill The Kids + Hands On Throat) but no matter how you cut it that’s just a lot of music. As is often the case karma seemed to sort out this situation for us. Here’s the scoop. We left Portland at 5:30, hit up Del Taco, gassed up and hauled balls to Bend. About the time we reached Gresham the promoter called and said “there is barely anyone here, we’re thinking about just cancelling the show and sending everyone to Players”. Show rule violation #4. We pressed on and made up time over the mountain. About 20 minutes outside of Bend we hear from the promoter that they did in fact cancel the show and were sending everyone to the bar. Show violation #5. We arrived to the bar where we were greeting by a few friends along with a myriad of bands all unclear if they would be performing at the show. In fact, it turned out due to some mix up the venue didn’t know there would be any bands. Show violation #6. Initially they agreed to put 3 of us up, which rubbed a few of the out of town bands the wrong way, but later allowed 4 bands to play. The whole thing was a little sketchy and I think everyone got a different version of the same story. Our goal of two rad shows had be downgraded to one ok show. In fact it was pretty much a repeat of our last show in Bend only a few weeks ago with 3 of the bands being the same, which of course is show violation #7. That being said, despite all the nonsense the show was pretty fun. The Cradle Robbers were up first, and then Majority Lost who really sort of stole the show. They were on tour from LA, and despite getting shafted on the all ages show sounded pretty good. We wound up playing 3rd and I think I need to go on public record and apologize to Hands On Throat for this. Earlier in the evening we were told that we’d start around 1:00 am. Yeah, uhmmm, no. Dave basically said there is no way we’re starting at 1:00, since we had to drive back to Portland after the show (show violation #8). They wound up switching us with Hands On Throat, and I really must thank them for this. It does suck having your spot switched on you, and it sucks more being stuck last. We really do appreciate it because as is we got home after 5:00am. Our set was ok. Not many people, but I think we played pretty well. Hands on Throat were last and they sounded pretty great. I definitely wish more people had seen them. We wound up leaving about half way through their set (show violation #9) but they seemed to be rocking it. On the way out we got handed our payout which was $40. We really don’t do this for the money, but when you drive so far for a show and all you get paid is a half tank of gas it’s almost insulting (show violation #10). We are more than happy to play for free and we usually do, but 7 hours in the van with $3 per gallon gas to play for 30 minutes and $40 really kind of rubbed us all the wrong way tonight. Of course we heard two of the other bands didn’t get paid at all (show violation #11) so I guess I shouldn’t complain (violation #12). Hanging out in the van was fun, playing was fun, seeing our friends is always fun, but the rest it retrospect the rest of the evening really kind of sucked. Thanks to Hands On Throat, Stephanie, PJ and Kaylin.

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A “double header” is not a deviant act

We’re playing not one, but two shows tonight in Bend. The first is an all-ages show at Detail Kings, the second is a bar show at Players. We’re hoping to make the two sets consist of totally different material so choose wisely. If you are in the area come say hi.

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Show Journal 2009-08-01

I wound up driving myself to the show tonight and managed to park a few blocks away the club. I had both of my guitars with me. I always feel like a douche carrying guitars through downtown because usually people who carry or play guitars downtown are, in fact, douches. I made it without incident past the usual assortment of homeless and street kids as well as the sea of uselessness gathering outside the Greek Cuisina without a look or comment. I turned to enter the club and a bigger guy with spiky hair, sandals and a flipped up collar asks “do you play both at those at once?” He removed the phone from his ear and confidently looked around as if expecting a high five from someone who thought that was funny. The high five never came. Why? Because I’m fairly certain it was the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. It wasn’t quite sarcasm, it wasn’t really a joke but it really wasn’t a genuine question either. Keep in mind he felt compelled to pull the phone from his ear to ask this. I responded “no” because I genuinely had no idea how else to respond. This was about 8:45. Little did I know at 8:50 the dumbest question I’ve been asked would be trumped by the strangest question I’ve been asked. I was attempting to talk to Dave out front of the club when we were interrupted by this woman we appeared to be part school teacher, part gypsy and all sorts of crazy. She walked up, paused, and asked “am I too skinny to be a belly dancer?” She was dead serious. So much so that she asked. Dave responded with a joke about glittery clothing and castanets and we didn’t even get the slightest crack of a smile. The details regarding the rest of the conversation are long and tedious but it ended with Dave and I getting a lecture from this lady that we shouldn’t put the word Octane in the name of our band if we don’t know what it means. We had presented the proper dictionary definition but she wanted to know about “the essence of the word” and “what it really means”. She eventually strolled away. I quickly went in the club, vowing never to leave its cozy confines again. Although the attendance was a little lackluster, this show was a fresh of breath air. Well the air in Kelly’s is never exactly “fresh” but you know what I mean. When we were approached about the show they asked “what bands do you want to play with?” I responded “how about 48 Thrills and The Anxieties?” Done and done. Both write good songs, both are entertaining to watch and both are cool to spend an evening with. It turns out this was Glenn’s last shows with The Anxieties. We first met him forever and a day ago when he was playing bass for Compact 56 in Eugene. It was nice because most of the C56 dudes came out to the show, well, except for Adam who is apparently sheep farming in Australia or some nonsense. They played well and as always Glenn makes shredding on any instrument look way too easy. They did a Naked Raygun cover which pleased me very much. 48 Thrills was up next and were entertaining as always. I figured out what I like about them. They try just a little harder than many other bands. Not in a rock star sort of way, but in a sing it a little harder, play it a little better and challenge ourselves a little sort of way. It’s corny but I like to see that the band playing in front of me is working and not just phoning it in. We were up last and it was pretty good. We snuck in a few older songs that aren’t often played (Brand New Faces and Apology To You) and I thought we did alright. Nothing else real noteworthy happened. We just made a lot of noisy racket to our friends and friends of friends until late in the evening. All in all a very good night. Thanks to Nalin for setting up the show and all who stuck around.

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KO at KO

Tonight we’re playing at Kelly’s Olympian with 48 Thrills and The Anxieties. It’s Glenn’s last show with the Anxieties some come pay your respects!


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$250 Citations Suck

Next time anyone sees Joel out and about be sure to buy him a drink or a lapdance. He earned it last night.