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Album Review

Up-And-Coming Artists: 800 Octane. In 1994, four kids from Boone, NC got together to form a band called Hoss. 8 years, a 3000 mile move, a few demo tapes, 2 full-length CDs, countless compilations, 239 shows, 2 member changes, and a record deal later, they are still here, under the name 800 Octane. Dave, Eric, Jim, and Justin can’t be put it any one genre. The band successfully blends the sounds of alternative rock, punk, and pop-punk. Managing to be too catchy and slow for true punk enthusiasts but too aggressive for the pop-punk crowd, 800 Octane has a truly innovative and original combination of sounds. The Portland, Oregon band’s creative lyrics and fresh sound form the one-two punch that makes 800 Octane a must-hear. The band is currently in the studio, recording their third full-length CD, entitled