Album Review - posted on May 27, 2002 by

Album Review

800 Octane is a very high energy band live and you can see this high energy on their CD which totally shows that they are not fake whatsoever. The singers voice is one of the main factors keeping them in a field of their own, and keeping them original. I can not compare them to any other local bands or even non local bands at the time. 800 Octane can be well classified as an “Super Rock Punk Band.” With lyrics ranging from girls to bullets to the brain. An easy vocal band meaning a good band to sing along while jumping threw the pit at their shows. They redid two of their old songs for this CD, “Day of the Dead” and “New Song #2” Which were a good amount of spice to get this CD going. 800 Octane is definitely a live band but, this CD does them justice, a good amount of justice. I would suggest buying this CD as soon as you can. If you like “Punk Rock” you will love this CD. Well done guys. Score : 9 out of 10 (Matt / Punkin’ Around)