Album Review - posted on August 26, 2002 by

Album Review

This baby is a scorcher. Taking a cue from two of my favorite bands – The Misfits and Hagfish – 800 Octane don’t skimp on the rock or the whoa-whoas. Just by checking out the cover you know you’re in store for some gritty rock and roll. They look like an army of friggin’ Frankensteins! Don’t know if 800 Octane play in that garb but the music hits you like a mad scientist’s creation, that’s for sure. Lots of thrashing, pounding, and stomping, just how it should be, baby. And, it never gets cheesy. That’s key. Very impressive debut, well, at least I think it’s a debut. I could be wrong. Definitely worth your time and energy. (Mr. F. Alexander / Fat City Magazine)