Album Review - posted on July 8, 2004 by

Album Review

Easily one of the best bands I’ve had the opportunity to work with I got a copy of 800 Octane’s newest release Rise Again after our ill-fated show. The awesome 13 track disc is a flash back to some great early punk-goth-whaterver-kids-call-the-misfits-nowadays bands which may have something to do with the fact that the band has been around for about 10 plus years. The CD comes with a DVD from their Halloween show in Longview which is worth the buy alone because of some awesome covers. The CD is fast paced and diverse enough that I and Clem thoroughly enjoy it and no longer have to fight in the car over what CD to listen to. The longevity of the band alone should be enough to clue you in on their musical ability, the smart sing-along lyrics make for a good listen. I really like the title track